The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon


He is the stuff of myths and legends. She will be his salvation.

9780732283353Arkady Desean has never given much thought to the myth of the Tide Lords, an apparent ancient immortal race who have the ability to command Tide magic. As a historian, her world is made up of facts, not stories and folklore. But one day, a man sentenced to be executed by hanging manages to survive the ordeal, claiming that he is Cayal the Immortal Prince and Arkady is sent in as a critical eye to examine his extraordinary tale…

… and what a tale it is. Spanning centuries, the immortals story is nothing short of a fantasy in Arkady’s mind, and she’s sure the man is clearly delusional. If not for the fact that he’d survived being hanged, she’d write him off, but it’s enough to sow seeds of doubt. If she’s willing to believe his tale, then she has to accept that her world is in danger: the Tide Lords are on the rise once more and the ruthless brethren will stop at nothing to find themselves seats of power to wreak havoc with. With her husband and few close friends occupied with matters of the realm, far beyond the so-called immortal, Arkady must decide for herself what to believe and if she can survive her reality being shattered beyond repair.

The Immortal Prince is only the first step on an incredible four-book journey that is nothing short of brilliant. Weaved into the storyline is politics, love, drama, subterfuge and pulse-pounding action. So many individual little plotlines run parallel through the book and they all weave together seamlessly to create a masterpiece. If Game of Thrones was packed with vicious, ruthless immortals, the Tide Lords series is how it would all go down.

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