QBD Reviews: Khaki Town by Judy Nunn

Khaki Town, Judy Nunn’s exciting new novel, is inspired by a true wartime story that has remained a well-kept secret for over seventy years.

Classic novels for the reader who’s been scared of them since High School

Did you cringe in fear every time your English teacher said “This semester we’ll be reading….“, and then proceeded to trot out some classic novel that sounded like a lot of work? Take it from us, you are not alone!  Reading is rarely fun when it’s being forced upon you. That’s why so many of […]

10 books that will make your skin crawl

  Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or just love spine-tingling reads, the great reads in this list are guaranteed to chill your bones! The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson: Now a series on Netflix, Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House has been hailed as a perfect work of unnerving terror. It is the […]

Awesome books celebrating women!

  Happy International Women’s Day! Today, Karina counts down her top 5 collections featuring amazing women! “All these books contain amazing women throughout history, taking names and kicking butt. I love that each of these books show a wide range of people from history, including businesswomen, musicians, scientists, actors, suffragettes, activists, really every kind of […]