Reviewsday: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

9781908435750The dark handsome stranger at the airport was just meant to be something of a distraction from the long hours of travel for Gemma. He’d offered to buy her coffee, because of course, she had the wrong sort of currency… and that’s where it all goes vague. Flashes of memories of getting changed, being dragged through the airport and curious flight attendants are all that is left when Gemma awakes to find herself in a tiny shack in outback Australia.

Being abducted and taken half way around the world is just the tip of the iceberg. Her captor, Ty, sees his actions as justified and is convinced that she will thank him for it eventually. Amidst the isolation and harsh conditions of the outback, Gemma struggles to come to terms with her predicament and each of her attempt escapes leaves her hopeless. Despite her intense fear and hatred for Ty, she finds herself beginning to get comfortable in her surroundings. He’s teaching her, helping her, bandaging her wounds: surely someone who can treat her so tenderly can’t be all that bad? Is it just the fact that he’s her only human contact that is making her view him in another light or is it something else?

Stolen is an intense journey that explores Stockholm syndrome, the idea that over time someone may begin to view their captor in a positive light. Gemma’s story is heartbreaking, powerful and so vivid that the Stockholm syndrome reaches through the pages and grabs you too. With tense, pulse racing drama and fascinating psychological roots, this out-there read is definitely one not to miss.

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