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Reviewsday: One-Punch Man by One & Yusuke Murata

Have you ever found yourself in the great Shounen debate of who would win a fight between Goku, Naruto, Ichigo or Luffy? Well today I have come to you with an answer to solve this quarrel once and for all. The winner would undoubtedly be One Punch Man's bald headed Saitama.

One Punch Man is a manga based on a web comic of the same name by artist One. Yusuke Murata has taken One's roughly etched drawings (emphasis on the “roughly”) and recreated them into incredibly illustrated and exciting story, whilst retaining the charm and humour that made the original web comic popular. As a warning, Saitama, as far as fighting ability goes, is the 'Mary-Sue' of all characters, he is a part time hero who saves the world from destruction before breakfast on a daily basis, so don't expect much development in his own abilities, because as the name of the series implies, he always wins in One Punch. Of course besides Saitama the series has a wealth of other colourful and zany characters, from Saitama's future pupil Genos the cyborg, looking for a chance at revenge, to the Mumen Rider - an aspiring hero who has zero special abilities at all.

I can't recommend this series enough for any Shounen Manga fan, especially those who hate waiting 10 volumes for the hero too arrive. It will make you laugh and beam with excitement, without the baggage that normally comes in this genre of Manga. A solid 10/10 from me.

~Ashley, QBD Tea Tree Plaza

Reviewsday: Ghost In The Shell

The Ghost in the Shell franchise has had many iterations over the years and the new film to be released marks 28 years since the original manga by Shirow Masamune was published. Whilst every iteration has been different in it's interpretation of the original graphic novel, such as the 1995 animated film spinning the series into a horror flick or the more suspenseful futuristic cop drama that was Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex the TV series, nothing has been quite as dense as the original 1989 manga, least of all the upcoming film.

Shirow Masamune, who has studied heavily into the fields of philosophy and computer coding has meticulously crafted a semi-light-hearted cyberpunk mystery about the adventures of a top secret government agency aimed at countering cyber-terrorism in a world that is quickly assimilating with the digital world. The story presents a gripping and complex narrative that might take a few reads to grasp both the plot and themes as the work is utterly jam-packed with world building technical jargon and doesn't follow a tradition beginning, middle and end narrative format. The story instead is told out of chronological order and is at times presented in an arcing nature while other chapters are more episodic and self contained. Due to this, it can be said that this graphic novel is probably not the greatest gateway into the franchise, but it is an absolute must read for any fan of the series and its world. It is advised that you start with the 1995 animated film as an entry point into the series and from there move on to the TV show and, if you're invested enough, in those then definitely pick this one up.

-Lachlan, Cairns QBD

The latest Ghost in the Shell movie is released in Australia on March 30th.

QBD Reviews: DC’s Injustice – God’s Among Us

Setting the scene for DC's fighting game, Injustice, Gods Among Us starts off with the death of Lois and Superman killing the Joker. It follows Superman's slow decent into a tyrant and the High Counciller. Featuring Apokolips, the Green Lantern Corps, DC's cast of magic users as well as the Old Gods and the New Gods, this prequel series is large, epic and a satisfying read for all DC fans.

Personally, I have never played the fighting game. But the idea of Superman forcing peace on Earth is one that seems incredibly controversial and a well done story-line, if it is done right. And boy, is this done right.  Superman's fall from human to tyrant is paced well. Batman's decent into sunken coward is equally done well. And the host of other DC characters stay true to their motives and their goals. Even for those who have no idea about the game's story, this is a comic series that is a must for all DC fans and a fantastic read for all comic readers.

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QBD Reviews: Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui

ass class

Welcome to Class E. A classroom for delinquents, rebels, underachievers and failures, laughed at and mocked by the rest of the school. Oh, and did we mention their teacher is a tentacled monster that can move at Mach 20, create clones of himself and will blow up the Earth in a year? And that these students have been tasked to assassinate this monster? Talk about a killer curriculum. Follow the students of Class E as they fight their teacher, assassinate exams and try out a whole lot of different kill methods. A fun read for all ages that teaches you can achieve wonderful things no matter what your position is in life.

Assassination Classroom has been a manga series I have followed as it has been released. Finishing at 180 Chapters (20 Volumes) this has been a tale that has caused me to laugh loud and I believe has crafted beautiful, fun and deep characters that interact in believable and refreshing ways, given the complete absurdity of the premise. Something else to consider with manga is the artwork. I also believe that this series art used compliments the absurd and quite ridiculous story. I have had a lot of fun reading and following this series, watching the characters evolve and the plot unravel. Together with the wonderful, bittersweet ending, this is definitely a manga series I hope continues to shine.

QBD Reviews: The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens et al

death of superman

Once proposed as a joke, this is the comic mini-series that redefined Superman and introduced his greatest nemesis, Doomsday. It is a massive story. It is absolutely epic. It is simply incredible. The story is simple. Doomsday, a monster of unknown origins, escapes what appears to be a containment cell. This monster, with only his left hand free, starts to cause havoc in America. This is brought to the Justice League of America's attention, where some members go to fend Doomsday off, only to be defeated (Doomsday still only has his left hand free). Superman notices this with his super-senses and joins the frey. Through an epic battle, spanning America and levelling parts of Metropolis, this story climaxes and ends with the tear-jerking death of the Man of Steel.

Superman has always been an iconic character. From his creation to present day, the Man of Steel has captured hearts and imaginations world-wide. Which makes this comic a classic and timeless. This is the (albeit first) death of Superman, whom the world considered invincible. Here, humanity's shining hope dies (for the first time). And here, despair is introduced in the form of Doomsday. The impact this story had on the DC universe was stunning and spanned many, many different problems and issues. This mini-series is a must for all comic lovers.