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Children’s Book of the Month Club

We are so excited to introduce our new program…The Children’s Book of the Month Club! 
Each month, we will be celebrating our Book of the Month (as chosen by QBD’s team of experts) as well as sharing bonus content you won’t find anywhere else. Get ready for author interviews, excerpts, activity pages, and more!
Our Children’s Book of the Month Club is the ultimate destination for all young bookworms!
In May we are spotlighting the fabulous “Diary Of A Big Bad Wolf” from the magical mind of Ben Miller. Keep reading to dive into the synopsis of the book, and to find the link to the fantastic interview between our Children’s Category Manager Dion and Ben!

Thrown out of the pack for being a weakling, Laurence the Wolf is down on his luck. He knows he’s strong, and brave, and cool, but nobody else seems to think so. What’s more, he’s STARVING. A clever plot to gobble up Little Red Riding Hood once and for all is foiled by all the creatures of the fairytale forest and just as things are getting desperate, he catches a whiff of something delicious. Could those be . . . vegetables?
A laugh-out-loud new series of familiar fairytales reported by the characters who know it best.

Our Children’s Fiction Category Manager, Dion, sits down with Ben Miller to discuss his new junior fiction title and our May Book of the Month.

Ben and Dion chat about the interesting nuances of fairy tale villains and how Ben believes it is an exciting time in children’s literature to highlight these characters stories and give them a voice that they haven’t previously had.

Ben also explains the amazing illustrations throughout his new book that were drawn by the talented Elisa Paganelli, and how she has helped bring his characters to life. 

Here at QBD Books, we are passionate about inspiring young readers to pick up a fantastic story and immerse themselves in the beauty of literature and fiction. 

To find more children’s fiction content, visit our Children’s Book of the Month web page here.

Happy reading!

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