Franc. World – September Reviews

It’s Spring! The weather is warming up! Flowers! Bees! AND School holidays are just around the corner. There’s also some awesome new titles and old favourites floating around the desks, libraries and bedside tables of the Franc. bookclub team. Read on to find out more! The Perilous Promotion of Trilby Moffat Much-loved award-winning Sydney author […]

Franc.World – May Reviews

It’s almost Winter – time to get a hot chocolate, a good book and curl up somewhere cosy. This month we’re loving re-reading some old favourites such as the Harry Potter series and a few Friday Barnes Mysteries. We’re also loving these newbies listed below. “Bigfoot and Nessie 01: The Art of Getting Noticed” by […]

May – Books of the Month

Just like that, May is here… and we can’t wait to share our Books of the Month with you! This time, we are featuring “The Heart Is A Star” by Megan Rogers, “Emboldened” by Belinda Alexandra and “Bigfoot and Nessie 01: The Art of Getting Noticed” by Chelsea M Campbell and Laura Knetzger! BUY NOW […]

Franc.World – March BOTM Review

“Ratbags: Naughty for Good” by Tim Harris and Shiloh Gordon  From the award-winning, bestselling author Tim Harris comes an action-packed, laugh-out-loud adventure that will make you root for the most mischievous of rats. Jigsaw and his unlikely band of ratbag friends are determined to make the biggest pizza heist of all time and show everyone […]