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Franc. World – September Reviews

It’s Spring! The weather is warming up! Flowers! Bees! AND School holidays are just around the corner.

There’s also some awesome new titles and old favourites floating around the desks, libraries and bedside tables of the Franc. bookclub team. Read on to find out more!

The Perilous Promotion of Trilby Moffat
Much-loved award-winning Sydney author Kate Temple is back with a brilliant sequel to her Trilby Moffat series.

‘This looks dangerous,’ said Trilby, who was tied to an antique parlour chair teetering on the edge of a rocky cliff. The man in the top hat arched one prickly eyebrow. ‘Children can be so ungrateful. This will be the trip of a lifetime!’ he said, pointing to the endless dark water below.

Trilby Moffat is in grave danger, again. When she arrives on a secret island outside of time, in search of her missing mother, she knows she’s in trouble. A strange festival is about to take place and Trilby is the guest of honour.

While Trilby may want to sit down to a big slice of cake and a good crossword puzzle, life has other plans – perilous plans which involve treasure markets, floating cupcakes and a skittish prehistoric bird named Anton who will most definitely destroy Trilby’s favourite jumper.
Just when she thinks time is on her side, Trilby is about to get a perilous promotion.

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