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We love Jamie’s VEG

Jamie Oliver is back with brilliantly easy, flavour-packed, and accessible veg recipes.

From simple suppers and family favourites to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food.

Sharing simple tips and tricks that will excite the taste buds, this book will also give people the confidence to up their veg intake and widen their recipe repertoire, safe in the knowledge that it'll taste absolutely delicious.

'It's all about celebrating really good, tasty food that just happens to be meat-free' - Jamie Oliver

Don't miss the companion TV show- Jamie's Ultimate Veg- airing on Channel 10 tonight!

Want a sneak peek? Check out this delicious FREE recipe below!

Having trouble reading the recipe? Get the PDF version here

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What We Read: Mia’s Favourite Cookbooks For Winter!

Winter makes me hungry...

With the onset of colder weather and the new MasterChef series airing on TV, I have been inspired to get in the kitchen and keep warm by cooking yummy meals and treats. There are a great range of cookbooks available that are perfect for looking through while curled up on the couch, your favorite cooks and culinary icons have done the hard work for you and compiled great recipes, that make it easy to find your next favourite dish.

Here are some of my favourite cookbooks at the moment:

At My Table by Nigella Lawson:
This book, like all of Nigella's is just amazing! From the basics of creating the perfect sweet potato fries and hummus to the perfect roast duck. My favorite recipe would have to be Nigella's Lemon Tendercake with Blueberry Compote, it has a marvelous texture almost like a super fluffy pancake! Its perfect to make when you have
friends and family over for dinner.

The Masters at Home - Recipes, Stories and Photographs from the MasterChef Kitchen:
This book is a great collection of recipes and anthologies is quite inspiring with its in depth background stories and photographs. Huge names in the culinary world share what they like to cook in their own time, in their home kitchen. The recipes range from exotic and skillful to simple and comforting, perfect for anyone who is willing to try new recipes and put their cooking skills to the test!

Basics to Brilliance Kids by Donna Hay:
This book is a new edition of Donna Hay's original Basics To Brilliance, this time letting the kids in on the fun. I'd seriously consider picking up a copy before the next lot of school holidays as it will keep the little ones entertained for hours, while providing tasty treats for the whole family to enjoy. The dishes are quite easy
and quick to prepare, just image the scent of choc-coconut popcorn wafting throughout the house as you relax while the kids take care of the snacks. A must have
for all families this winter school holidays!

Yummy, Easy, Quick by Matt Preston:
This is a great collection of 127 dinners that only take 30 minutes or less to prepare, from everyone's favorite MasterChef Judge Matt Preston.
The meals are hearty and scrumptious, with out a doubt crowd pleasers! The wide range of recipes include 20 minute Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs, 15 minute
Slow-Cooked Ocean Trout and 20 minute Teriyaki Salmon Bowl with Salmon Crackling, all modern classics that you'll love cooking and sharing with friends.

- Mia, Shellharbour QBD

Just Like Mama Used To Make

A wonderful classic cookbook!

What family hasn’t got one of these stashed somewhere in the house? I remember my mother frequently referring to our copy of the book fairly often, mostly for the pikelet recipe on page 177. This page in our copy is lovingly stained with years old splatters of pikelet batter.

Containing traditional and classic recipes that we all would have grown up with- everything from Shepherd's Pie to Banana Bread to Jam Drop Cookies- this makes a lovely wedding, engagement or house warming gift.

With a copy of the Commonsense Cookery Book, we too, can make a meal '...just like mama used to make...'

- Belinda, Charlestown QBD

QBD Reviews: The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook


Creator and host of the most popular baking show on YouTube called Nerdy Nummies, Rosanna Pansino now has a cookbook filled with recipes and designs to help bring out your inner nerd and geek. With over 6 million subscribers on her channel, Rosanna bakes a range of delicious treats that all reference to something geeky such as science and gaming. Now she presents her first cookbook that compiles some of her most popular recipes from her show as well as some brand new treats that she has yet to share with her viewers.

At the beginning of the book, Rosanna introduced herself as well as goes through all the tools and decorating treats you may need to create any of these wonderful creations. She also gives a few basic techniques you may also need to know before jumping into some of the recipes. Another wonderful thing about this cookbook is that it is split up into six chapters that represent different topics which include subjects such as space and fantasy. By doing this, she helps the reader find the right recipe they are looking for rather than just having it all mixed together. So if you are looking for an internet themed treat, just simply look in the tech & web chapter rather than wasting time flipping through the many other recipes that don’t fit your criteria. Rosanna also sets out her recipes with easy to follow instructions as well as pictures to help make the baking process simpler and more manageable.

From a volcano cake to flash drive crispy treats, there is a little something for everyone in this adorable cookbook. Perfect for anyone who loves science, video games or technology.

Be sure to check out her show, Nerdy Nummies on YouTube to see more of her recipes that may not be in this book.

We LOVE Dinner with Justine!

Want to learn how to make every meal just that little bit more special?
Justine Schofield has your answers!

If you've seen Justine's TV show, Everyday Gourmet, you know that all her recipes are easy-to-follow, full of flavour and look amazing. With winter coming up her hearty curries and stews will definitely hit the spot, and you can follow it up with a sweet surprise (Her chocolate custard pots are to die for!)
PLUS if Mum loves to cook, this might be the perfect gift!

Spaghetti Al Tonno

Spaghetti Al Tonno

Packed with easy to follow and delicious recipes 'Dinner with Justine' is a great cookbook with an added pinch of gourmet. 'Spaghetti Al Tonno' (page 40) was the first recipe I followed and it was fast, simple, fresh and (most importantly in my family) absolutely delicious!
- Rose, QBD Chermside