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QBD Reviews: ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler

yes-pleaseLet Amy take you on her amazing journey from starring as Dorothy in her school production to being the household name who always makes us laugh. Learn just how hard it was for Amy to become famous, met Tina Fey and and how she never gave up!

Amy teaches her readers three important lessons:

1. Say whatever you want
2. Do whatever you like
3. Be whoever you are

Listen as Amy gives you life advice rooted from her own experiences; and learn the true meaning of this book's title. 'Yes Please' is a common phrase for Amy - a mother who worked up until the day she gave birth! That's the level of dedication and passion Amy has for her job!

Amy's book is far from your typical celebrity biography - this one includes segments of divorce books to come, poems, and funny pictures throughout.

Incredibly funny and beautifully genuine, Amy allows everyone into her deepest thoughts in her book. Once you start reading, it is difficult to put down! With chapter titles such as "Humping Justin Timberlake" and "Talk to Yourself like You're Ninety," it is easy to convince yourself to read just one more chapter - you will find yourself wanting to read the whole book in one sitting!

 ~ Jacqueline, QBD Epping

QBD Reviews: The Boy Behind the Curtain


Australia’s most beloved modern author, Tim Winton, invites his audience deep into his secret world with this new memoir.

Through a collection of reflective essays The Boy Behind the Curtain brings the man behind the famous novels into sharp focus, with his own history proving to be as interesting as one of his fictional works. The title refers to a habit a tween-Winton developed of playing sniper with his parent’s unloaded gun, hiding himself behind the curtains as he tracked neighbours. He recalls this sense of power that could have defined his life, had he not chosen a pen over weapons. This is just one of the character-defining stories he shares and although the stories are deeply personal, there is a universal quality to his writing. We’ve all had moments like A Space Odyssey at Eight and he captures the shared weight of dread associated with hospitals in his memories of living alongside one in In the Shadows of the Hospital. He captures Australian life perfectly in chapters such as A Walk at Low Tide and The Battle for Ningaloo Reef.

After reading this book I feel I know Winton almost as well as I know my friends. Now I know some of his life-defining childhood experiences, as well as his stance on important topics like religion, gun control and climate change. An enlightening and entertaining read that is a must for fans.

~Meagan, QBD Miranda

Reviewsday: Love Your Sister by Samuel & Connie Johnson

Love Your Sister

Love Your Sister is not your typical cancer memoir. Yes, you will cry while reading it, but this book is filled with more love and happiness than you could ever hope for. You will cry from happiness more than you will from sadness.

By the age of 33, Connie had already beaten cancer twice. Now, owning her own online book store, and living with her husband and children, Connie is once again diagnosed with cancer. This time it's terminal. Determined to make the most of her life and fill her children's memories with laughter and joy, Connie makes each day an adventure. Lacking the energy to do this herself, she sends her brother on an unforgettable journey. This journey was to send her brother around Australia on a unicycle.

Samuel does not need to prove to any of us that he is a loving brother, who wishes he could cure his sister's illness – he rode a unicycle around Australia to raise money for the cause. If that's not love, then I don't know what is! With a simple message for all women out there – “Don't fall into the booby trap” - Sam and Connie are determined that no other family should have to live through the hell that cancer brings with it.

Laugh along with Connie and Sam as they live each day as it comes; as they try to find a cure; as they cycle around the country; and as they create their own charity – Love Your Sister. They will truly remind you what is important in life – having the opportunity to love your family.

~ Jacqueline, QBD Epping

QBD’s 25 Books of Christmas: #17


The elves are embracing their inner comic book geek with this addition to their wishlist!

In this gorgeously illustrated, full-color graphic memoir, Stan Lee—comic book legend and cocreator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk, and a legion of other Marvel superheroes—shares his iconic legacy and the story of how modern comics came to be.

This funny, moving, and incredibly honest memoir is a must-have for collectors and fans of comic books and graphic novels of every age.