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QBD X CH 7 Book Club December Highlights

Every month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts, Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine review and discuss fantastic books of all different genres – from empowering and heart-wrenching non-fiction reads to fiendishly fun fiction titles. This month we are showcasing our Books of the Year titles, which are our Children’s Fiction Book of the Year “Once There Was” by Kiyash Monsef, our Non-Fiction title “Be Useful” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and our Fiction book “Lola In The Mirror” by Trent Dalton (Exclusive Edition). 

Plus MORE must-read titles. Keep reading to discover our December picks, and to order your own copy to compare reviews, visit our QBD Books website now. 

Here are the enchanting novels we are featuring this month. 

Fiction Book of the Year “Lola In The Mirror” by Trent Dalton (Exclusive Edition)

‘Mirror, mirror, on the grass, what’s my future? What’s my past? This colourful novel follows a girl, who dreams of being a world-famous artist, and her mother, who both have been on the run for the last sixteen years. The mother and daughter now reside in a community of displaced people beside the Brisbane River. The daughter has no name because names are dangerous when the police are after you and your mother has left a knife in the throat of the monster in the kitchen. 

We can guarantee you will be invested in the protagonist’s journey through hope, friendship, and heartbreak until the very last page. Grab your special edition of Trent’s bestselling novel “Lola In The Mirror”, exclusively at QBD Books.

Children’s Fiction Book of the Year “Once There Was” by Kiyash Monsef

This story follows Marjan – a young girl who has always been fascinated by the stories her father would tell her about mythical beasts such as dragons, griffons, and unicorns. Now, Marjan is 15 years old and looking after her father’s vet clinic that he left behind after he tragically passed away. One day, a mysterious visitor appears, telling Marjan that her father was not an ordinary vet. Shockingly, the fantastic beasts from his tales are real and it was his job to travel the world and look after them.

If you are searching for a novel to re-ignite the childhood magic in your heart, “Once There Was” is a perfect match for you.

Non-Fiction Book of the Year “Be Useful” by Arnold Schwarzenegger 

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new bestselling title, “Be Useful”, he details the essential seven rules to follow and instill into your life for success and productivity. In multiple spheres of life, Arnold has achieved monumental levels of accomplishment, and this title takes readers through his process of thinking big, problem-solving, resilience, hard work, and more.

“Be Useful” is an incredible book for people who are struggling with the disconnect between their identity and their purpose.

“The House That Joy Built” by Holly Ringland

Bestselling Australian author Holly Ringland is back with “The House That Joy Built” – a powerful and inspiring non-fiction title that focuses on the creativity, strength, and joy that can be found when harnessing the freedom to create authentically and vulnerably.

This novel is a joyous permission slip to any creator who is fearful of putting pen to paper, brush to canvas, plant into soil, or whatever their passion may be. Holly guides the reader into unlocking their restraints and reminds the reader of the life-changing marvel that creating freely can be.

“5 Ingredients: Mediterranean” by Jamie Oliver

Jamie has packed over 120 simple but incredible recipes into this must-have title. Jamie empowers avid food enthusiasts and everyday cooks to dream big with their dishes without complex ingredient lists and huge preparation times. This zesty title also offers multiple meat-free recipes that are still brimming with deliciousness.

If you are wanting a versatile recipe book that can be used for solo dining, entertaining friends, or cooking for fussy children than “5 Ingredients Mediterranean” is the book you have been searching for. Add this must-have title to your December reading list to spice up your meals and enhance your culinary skills.

“I’m Liz Hayes: A Memoir” by Liz Hayes 

For over forty years, Liz has been a friendly face on our television screens. Millions of Australian viewers watched Liz co-host the Today Show and for over 25 years watched her on Sunday nights dive into complicated and troublesome stories on 60 Minutes. From visiting active warzones to camping in grizzly bear-filled woods, Liz has almost done it all. However, after a lifetime of reporting on the lives of others – when disaster hit her own family, Liz realised sometimes the most difficult story to tell is your own.

This memoir is delightfully written and infused with humour, self-reflection, heartache, and of course, Liz’s flair for adventure.

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