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Franc. World – November Review

Is it getting hot here (in Australia) or what? We need to grab an awesome book and head to the beach/pool/bathtub to cool off. Luckily for us, (and all of you!) this month brings with it a super fun and easy-to-read comic book – the perfect solution to easy, breezy Summertime reading.

“Bunny Vs Monkey” by Jamie Smart
In the heart of a lush, vibrant forest, a comical rivalry unfolds between two unlikely adversaries – Bunny, the amiable, peace-loving rabbit, and Monkey, the mischievous, power-hungry primate. From the moment Monkey crash-lands his rocket into the forest, disrupting the harmonious existence of Bunny and his friends, the stage is set for a clash of personalities.

Jamie Smart’s graphic novel series, “Bunny vs. Monkey,” masterfully blends humour, adventure, and endearing characters to create an unforgettable reading experience. His storytelling is infused with a childlike sense of wonder and imagination, transporting readers to a world where talking animals, wacky inventions, and outlandish schemes are the norm.

The narrative seamlessly weaves together moments of slapstick comedy with heartwarming scenes of friendship and camaraderie, keeping readers engaged and entertained from start to finish.

Bunny and Monkey, despite their contrasting personalities, are surprisingly well-developed characters. Bunny’s unwavering optimism and unwavering loyalty make him an endearing protagonist, while Monkey’s arrogance and thirst for power, though antagonistic, add depth and complexity to the story.

The supporting cast, including Weenie the Squirrel, Pig, Action Beaver, and Skunky the Inventor, each brings their unique quirks and talents to the table, further enriching the narrative. Together, they form a cohesive team, supporting Bunny in his quest to thwart Monkey’s schemes and protect their beloved forest home.

Smart’s illustrations are a visual feast, bringing the characters and their world to life with vibrant colours, expressive lines, and a touch of caricature. The dynamic action sequences are particularly impressive, capturing the chaos and excitement of Bunny and Monkey’s escapades.

“Bunny vs. Monkey” is a delightful read that will appeal to readers of all ages. Its timeless themes of friendship, courage, and the importance of standing up for what is right resonate deeply, while its humour and imagination provide endless entertainment.

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