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QBD x Ch 7 July Book Club Highlights

July marks the middle of winter and some of the chilliest days we will have all year! This month’s lineup of fantastic titles from the QBD x Ch7 Book Club is the perfect addition to your warm cup of tea on cold winter nights. Get lost for hours in a captivating story you want to share with friends and family. 

Keep reading to dive into the synopsis of each book and head in-store or online to grab your copy and compare reviews with Vic and Lee!

Fiction Book of the Month The Community by Christine Gregory 

Christine Gregory’s debut novel, “The Community” is your next go-to fast-paced regional crime noir that will have you hooked from the very first line.

This juicy and rapidly unfolding story begins in the lush and serene setting of Steels Creek, an oasis situated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It is a harmonious destination renowned for its safety and friendly neighbourhood. Investigative journalist, Lars Nilsson has moved to the retreat hoping to shed the lingering humiliation from a public scandal involving his crime reporting. But when a backpacker’s body is found dead in a close by creek, Lars is drawn back into the throes of criminal investigation and the crosshairs of police. What he discovers could destroy the idyllic community he calls home as well as the new life he has desperately tried to piece back together.

Shades Of Me by Mel Brown 

A beautiful and profound biography, “Shades Of Me” from Mel Brown is a must-read this July.
Mel Brown is a proud Australian Aboriginal Ngunnawal woman who tells her incredible story of her complex childhood, the challenges as identifying as Aboriginal in our country and the fight to keep her family whole despite these hardships. As a young child, Mel faced the anguish of domestic violence. Then as a young mother, she discovered the mystery of her ancestry without first knowing the adversity that comes with an Australian Indigenous identity. Mel takes you on a fascinating and at times heart-aching journey of her life and finding her place in the world.

All The Colours Of The Dark by Chris Whitaker

“All The Colours Of The Dark” from the masterful storyteller Chris Whitaker has everything an incredible crime novel needs – a missing person, a serial killer on the loose, an epic romance, and lots of twists and turns.

The town of Monta Clare was struck with tragedy late one summer when local teenager Joseph ‘Patch’ Macauley was abducted. Patch’s childhood best friend Saint Brown is broken by her friend’s disappearance, and she commits every moment of her life to finding him. Patch is all alone in a pitch-black room when he suddenly feels a hand in his. Grace takes him from the darkness and lights their world with her beautiful voice and words. In this desolate place, they fall in love. 

But when Patch escapes there is no sign, she ever existed. Back home, he is desperate to search the country to find her, and Saint will go on her own journey to hunt the man who kidnapped her best friend. Even if discovering the truth means losing the other forever…

Gymnastics Diaries 01: Beam Queen by Georgia Godwin & Amanda Erb & Laura Sieveking

Children’s fiction author Laura Sieveking has collaborated with illustrator, Amanda Erb and Australian Olympian gymnast Georgia Godwin to create a gorgeous and inspiring junior fiction title “Gymnastics Diaries 01: Beam Queen”.

This story follows 10-year-old Georgia who loves gymnastics. She dreams of being an international gymnastics champion and this is her diary. Georgia is prepared and ready to chase her dreams, and she has just started training in a new Elite squad. This is quite a challenge already as there are new skills to learn, new friends to make, and new coaches! Plus, Georgia is also competing in her first Team Comp, and the squad is depending on her beam routine. Will she execute her routine with no flaws and become the new Beam Queen?

Storm Child by Michael Robotham

The award-winning master of crime, Michael Robotham, is back with another addictive story “Storm Child” filled with murder, long-forgotten secrets, and a haunting mystery.

Evie Cormac’s painful and traumatic memories have been locked away, ever since she was rescued as a child from imprisonment and her story captured news headlines around the world. Cryus Haven is a forensic psychologist, and she is determined to guide Evie back to near normalcy.

But whilst they’re on a beach, seventeen bodies wash up on the shore with only one survivor, and two people still missing. Immediately, Evie’s carefully hidden nightmares come thundering back. Whatever took place in her childhood is somehow connected to this recent tragedy and dark forces are dragging her back into the storm. Evie and Cyrus must now work together to solve the missing pieces of this chilling puzzle.

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