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Last Shot – Jock Zonfrillo

From reckless drug addict to one of Australia’s top chefs and television stars, the powerful story of Jock Zonfrillo will shock and inspire.

This story begins in Glasgow, Scotland – Jock Zonfrillo’s hometown and the place where he tried heroin for the first time as a teenager, causing his life to spiral out of control. This classically French-trained chef left school at 15 to chase his culinary dream. As his rising career brought him to celebrity chef status, he struggled behind the scenes with a crippling drug addiction that took him down many bad paths.

After a foul-mouthed rant, Jock was fired from his job at a star restaurant in Chester, England and made his way to London to find work. Here, he found himself in front of the renowned Marco Pierre White. To this day, Zonfrillo credits White for saving his life.

However, Jock continued to struggle with addiction in a world of excess, celebrity, and cut-throat ambition. On New Year’s Eve 1999, Jock did his last shot of heroin before boarding a plane to Australia, where he would find passion and new meaning for life in the most unexpected places.

During a year-long sabbatical in Sydney, Jock had a life-changing conversation with an Indigenous Australian. This conversation became a turning point in his journey, encouraging him to discover the taste and origins of Indigenous cuisine. Soon after, Jock moved to Adelaide and opened Restaurant Orana, a fine-dining experience designed to acknowledge Aboriginal culture through food.

However, his story goes beyond this. In his life, Jock faced further struggles, including two failed marriages, the closure of his prized restaurant during COVID-19, his time on-country, and some very public battles.

“Last Shot” tells his unforgettable story.

One of our fantastic team members recently read a copy of “Last Shot.” This is what she had to say:

 If this is the first time you’re hearing about this book, “Last Shot” is a coming-of-age memoir surrounding addiction, ambition, and redemption in the high-stakes world of star kitchens. In the words of Jimmy Barnes, “it is a story of hope… A remarkable tale of a remarkable man who took the hard, hard road and made it his own.”

This powerful story is a deep dive into what made Jock Zonfrillo the person he is today. From his personal highs and lows to career moves that changed his life forever – it felt as though no subjects were off-limits. Jock’s ability to be brutally honest and direct about his past struggles undeniably helps him to connect and resonate with his readers in a refreshing way. 

There is no wonder as to why this is the QBD Non-Fiction Book of the Month. This remarkable story teaches us that our paths can always change, no matter who we are. “Last Shot” is a fantastic story and is a must-read for everyone. 



You can visit the QBD website to purchase the fantastic “Last Shot” by Jock Zonfrillo

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