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QBD x CH 7 Highlights April

Every month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts, Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine review and discuss fantastic books of all different genres – from empowering and heart-wrenching non-fiction reads to fiendishly fun fiction titles. In April, we are showcasing our Fiction Book of the Month which is “Devil’s Kitchen” by Candice Fox, and our Kid’s Book of the Month, “Frog Squad 01: Dessert Disaster” by Kate and Jo Temple. 

PLUS two other fabulous crime-fiction novels, a regional crime thriller “Sanctuary” by Garry Disher and a cozy murder mystery “How To Solve Your Own Murder” by Kristen Perrin.

Keep reading to discover more about our April picks and to order your own copies to compare literary opinions, you can visit us in-store or online.

Here are the sweeping novels we are highlighting this month.

“Devil’s Kitchen” by Candice Fox – Fiction Book of the Month

New York’s brave firefighting crew Engine 99 has fearlessly put themselves in danger to protect the city’s citizens from fiery blazes.

However, the crew has also stolen millions of dollars from banks and high-profile jewellery retailers. With their specialist equipment and insider knowledge, they have promptly become the most successful heist team on the East Coast. But then Andrea ‘Andy’ Nearland joins the squad, working as an undercover operative to bring the men of Engine 99 to justice for a myriad of crimes.

As the countdown begins for the crew’s most risky heist yet, Andy begins to realise infiltrating the group of Engine 99 might be her deadliest mission yet.

“Sanctuary” by Garry Disher

Grace, a skilled thief, has since childhood been practicing thievery of small, expensive items such as watches and stamps. Her many years of solitary crime have transformed Grace into an expert in extremely valuable watches and other vintage commodities.

However, this line of work is isolating, and Grace is always looking over her shoulder. It is not the life she dreamed of. She then stumbles upon Erin Mandel’s rural antique store and spies an opportunity to change her life and find joy in a normal job.

But it appears that Erin also has a troubling past and skeletons in her closet. A man is looking for Erin and someone is looking for Grace too. Both men, in their separate ways, are very dangerous.

“How To Solve Your Own Murder” by Kristin Perrin 

If you are a lover of “Knives Out” and “The Thursday Murder Club” then prepare yourself for an outrageously fun murder mystery from Kristen Perrin, “How To Solve Your Own Murder”, centering around the foreboding prediction of the murder of Frances Adams. Frances spends her whole life trying to avoid her foretold murder only for it to come to fruition sixty years later.

Since her great-aunt has been found killed in her sprawling country estate, it is up to Annie Adams to solve the murder. Annie is determined to solve the case, but things become prickly due to Frances’s lifelong habit of being the village busybody, and it appears every villager has a motive for her murder.

Can Annie safely resolve the case at the sinister heart of Castle Knoll, or will her investigation throw her in the firing line of the killer?

“Frog Squad 01: Dessert Disaster” by Kate and Jol Temple – Children’s Fiction Book of the Month 

Dive into a highly secretive world where frogs don’t just eat bugs, they eat danger! These heroes are known as the Frog Squad and they’re on a mission to save a mega tanker full of ice cream from the dastardly Professor Cain and The Organisation of Amphibious Devious Scoundrels (TOADS). The TOADS have been controlling the global supply of ice cream, and it’s up to Frog Squad to stop them.

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QBD x CH 7 Highlights April

Every month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts, Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine review and discuss fantastic books of all different genres