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New Year New You 2024

Here at QBD Books, we want our reading community to utilise the best resource at your fingertips, books. Every New Year we are all bombarded by the re-inventing ourselves marketing ploys and it can feel very overwhelming.

That is why we have designed our New Year New You campaign into different aspects of life such as business, finance, self-development, and health and fitness of our bestselling non-fiction titles. Therefore, to create a clear-cut and simple guide for those wanting to improve, elevate, educate, and grow in a sphere of their livelihood. 

We have meticulously chosen titles over these categories that we know have resounded well within our reading community and have performed greatly within the literary industry. 

It can be difficult to even know where to start, so keep reading to learn more about our chosen books and what resonates with you and your 2024 intentions. 

Self Development

One of the most vital ways to sustain and succeed in any type of self-development is to practice having the right mindset. Building and strengthening the way you view the world, your personal life, and the people in it, is intrinsically important to further bettering one’s self and maintaining the habits you want to cultivate. 

Keep reading to discover our best picks for achieving your self-development goals this year.  

Shop and browse our full range of self-development books in-store or online here

“The Intuition Toolkit” by Joel Pearson 

This fascinating new title from leading Australian neuroscientist, Joel Pearson, takes the reader through 5 simple rules for developing the crucial life skill of intuition. 

Intuition is responsible for saving lives, avoiding catastrophes, and game-changing business decisions. In this utterly fascinating read, Joel teaches the reader how to implement and utilise intuition with an expert mix of anecdotes and hard scientific research. We highly recommend “The Intuition Toolkit” for your 2024 reading list!

“How To Be The Love You Seek” by Nicole LePera

Dr LePera is a bestselling author and has a monolith social media following where she is known as ‘The Holistic Psychologist’, has now released a new paradigm-shifting title that guides the reader to healing their relationships and most importantly, the one you have with themselves. 

In “How to Be the Love You Seek”, Dr LePera, whose unifying and holistic approach to psychology has amassed an international audience of millions. This approach provides a new journey to healing our relationships. Utilising modern scientific research, she guides us to identify how ignored needs from our childhood relationships create dysfunctional relationship patterns in our current interpersonal dynamics and leaves us in a mindset of constant internal danger, even with our loved ones.


If harnessing your inner entrepreneur is one of your 2024 ambitions, then we have excellent titles to recommend. Whether you want to take your business to the next level, learn insider tricks from the most successful business professionals, or even start investing in assets such as property, keep reading to discover our must-have titles for your business bookshelf. 

Shop and browse our full range of business titles in-store or online here. 

“Property With She’s On The Money” by Victoria Devine

Victoria Devine is a highly successful Australian businesswoman, who has two chart-topping and award-winning podcasts, “She’s On The Money” and “The Property Playbook”. Victoria is revolutionising the way millennials perceive money and their own financial journey, especially breaking down the barriers to young women and empowering them with the knowledge to take control of their finances. 

In “Property With She’s On The Money”, Victoria understands that buying a home can be one of the biggest decisions an Australian can make and therefore, can bring great trepidation. However, in her accessible and friendly guide, Victoria equips the reader with valuable and foundational tips on the whole process of buying or investing in property. 

This title is a must-have for any young Australian who is starting their property and finance journey. 

“Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz 

This title has hit the world by storm with its cutting-edge information on negotiation and the nine fundamental principles that helped Chris in his high-stakes career. Chris was a former FBI hostage negotiator and has poured significant research and real-life experiences into this title providing the reader with a competitive edge in any conversation.

A must-read title for anyone wanting to navigate negotiating their salary, employment promotion, business deals, and so much more. 

Home: Interior and Exterior 

If your 2024 visions are more swaying towards renovating, home decor, architecture, or just living space inspiration we have the perfect titles to suggest to you. 

To browse and shop all our dreamy home titles, visit us in-store or online here. 

“Call It Home” by Amber Lewis

In this stunning book, interior designer and author, Amber Lewis, reveals her secrets to shortcutting the often laborious decision-making of interior decorating and revealing the small details that make all the difference when choosing fabrics, tiles, paint, flooring, and more. 

Amber provides a comprehensive guide from start to finish on the process of designing, renovating, decorating, and more, no matter the size of the project. 

If you are embarking on an interior design journey for your own home and need expert guidance, we highly recommend, “Call It Home”. 


With the current state of the cost of living crisis and the economy, a lot of Australians will be searching for tools to assist them with financial decision-making, how to save, budgeting, and so forth.

 We have incredible titles to recommend from financial experts to assist you in your money-saving journey or taking your finances to the next level. 

To shop and browse all our finance titles, visit us in-store or online here. 

“The Psychology Of Money” by Morgan Housel

Award-winning author, Morgan Housel, dives into the importance of people’s behaviour and attitudes toward money. Finance may be viewed as a math-based field but how people spend and save their money largely revolves around personal perspective, marketing ploys, ego, and other interesting incentives mixed together. 

“The Psychology Of Money” is an excellent title to assist in understanding one of the most important spheres of our lives. 

Health and Fitness 

Last, but not least, one of the most important and popular categories for the new year is health and fitness. 

We have worked to narrow down these titles that provide modern, efficient, and accessible health and fitness advice for our readers. 

To browse and shop all our bestselling health and wellbeing books, visit us in-store or online here. 


“Good Influence” by Zac Perna 

The answers to finding motivation and living your best fulfilling life are right here in Zac Perna’s riveting new fitness and lifestyle title, “Good Influence”.

Zac has built an international platform for himself and his fitness business through his hilarious, authentic, and insightful content that his audience resonates with and appreciates. However, in his debut title, Zac goes further and more intimately into his wealth of knowledge on nutrition, healthy habits, fitness tips, and anecdotes from his own life. Zac also explores the hard work and determination he has poured into establishing his business and mega social media brand.

We highly recommend adding this title to your January reading list to improve your mindset, cultivate better fitness practices and boost your health.

“Feel Good In 15” by Joe Wicks 

Your new year, new you 2024 staple guide, “Feel Good in 15” by beloved Australian nutrition coach, Joe Wicks, is here and a must-have in your library this summer.

Joe Wicks, predominately known as ‘The Body Coach’ by his monumental social media following, has cultivated years of valuable knowledge and experience as a nutritionist and fitness expert. In “Feel Good in 15”, Joe provides the reader with crucial information on how to improve your life in multiple aspects in just small 15-minute increments.

Joe’s wealth of knowledge imbued in this handy title includes easy nutritious recipes, amazing feel-good at-home workouts, fast health tricks and tips, and small daily achievements. 

Setting and implementing new intentions for yourself at the start of the year can be tension and pressure-filled. We have made that progress easy with our New Year New You campaign. Easily identify what element of your lifestyle you want to work on and find the title that can help you achieve your goals. 

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