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QBD x CH 7 Book Club – January Highlights

We are back to kick the New Year off with our amazing January Book Club titles!

Every month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts, Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine review and discuss fantastic books of all different genres – from empowering and heart-wrenching non-fiction reads to fiendishly fun fiction titles. This month we are showcasing our Books of the Month which are “Good Influence” by Zac Perna, “The Swifts” by Beth Lincoln, and “The Strip” by Iain Ryan. PLUS the exhilarating new novel from Fiona McIntosh, “Foul Play”, and the incredibly insightful “Feel Good In 15” by Joe Wicks.

Keep reading to discover more about our January picks and to order your own copies to compare literary opinions, visit us in-store or online.

Here are the electrifying novels we are featuring this month. 

Non-Fiction Book of the Month – “Good Influence” by Zac Perna

The answers to finding motivation and living your best fulfilling life are right here in Zac Perna’s riveting new fitness and lifestyle title, “Good Influence”.


Zac has built an international platform for himself and his fitness business through his hilarious, authentic, and insightful content that his audience resonates with and appreciates. However, in his debut title, Zac goes further and more intimately into his wealth of knowledge on nutrition, healthy habits, fitness tips, and anecdotes from his own life. Zac also explores the hard work and determination he has poured into establishing his business and mega social media brand.

Children’s Fiction Book of the Month – “The Swifts” by Beth Lincoln 

When they are born, each family member of the Swifts is presented before the hallowed Family Dictionary. They are bestowed with a name and definition, and it is expected they will grow up to equal this. However, Shenanigan Swift has other plans for her future. Shenanigan knows in her heart she can be whatever she chooses – a detective, an explorer, or even an astronaut.

This comes in handy as one of the Swifts attempts to murder their aunt and now someone must solve this mystery, quickly. Shenanigan reluctantly begins to work on the case, with the help of her cousin and sisters, but suddenly there are more murders, hidden treasure, and a long list of suspects…


Beth’s debut YA fiction title is whimsical and witty, filled with puns, quirky characters, and a fiendishly fun plot. At the heart of this story is a significant message for any young reader, which is the reminder that they have autonomy over their identity and future. 

Fiction Book of the Month – “The Strip” by Iain Ryan

The story follows a fierce heroine, Detective Lana Cohen, as she probes deeper into the case of a murdered local doctor. To solve the case quicker, Lana hesitantly enlists the assistance of a morally grey detective, Henry Loch, whose reputation has been sullied. He believes this string of murders case will be his career’s road to redemption. However, the further Henry and Lana delve into the case and the dark and insidious threads begin to unravel, they reveal a sinister layer of the Gold Coast which leaves the detectives reeling. With six unsolved murders already looming over their heads, will they be able to unweave the threads of deception before time runs out?

“Foul Play” by Fiona McIntosh

Football champion and media darling, Luca Bruni, is being blackmailed for a scandal of lust that he vehemently denies, however, the ransom photos suggest otherwise. Luca is at the top of his game; with a stellar reputation and a dream home life, he will do anything to preserve. Detective Jack Hawksworth is drawn to the creativity of the extortion, and the cunning criminal who is behind this crime and many other blackmails of high-profile athletes. As Jack begins to untangle the webs of the crime further, he realises that it is far more reaching than he could have believed possible and ruthlessly dangerous.

“Feel Good In 15” by Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, predominately known as ‘The Body Coach’ by his monumental social media following, has cultivated years of valuable knowledge and experience as a nutritionist and fitness expert. In “Feel Good in 15”, Joe provides the reader with crucial information on how to improve your life in multiple aspects in just small 15-minute increments. Joe’s wealth of knowledge imbued in this handy title includes easy nutritious recipes, amazing feel-good at-home workouts, fast health tricks and tips, and small daily achievements. This book is the ultimate way to implement joy, energy, and gratitude into your way of life and create quick 15-minute habits that will seriously improve your livelihood.

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