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“The Fastest Diet” by Victoria Black, Gen Davidson and Krista Varady

We are back into the swing of things in 2024, and a lot of us want to break old habits and build and sustain healthy ones holistically. Often, this can be challenging and hard to adhere to with the constant bombardment of information and health trends on social media. However, three experts in intermittent fasting have joined forces to create a game-changing recipe book that assists with healthy eating and weight loss in a sustainable and accessible way. 

The leading expert in intermittent fasting, Dr Krista Varady has collaborated with SuperFastDiet to assist people in radically improving their health with effective and credible research in “The Fastest Diet”. 

Gen Davidson and Victoria Black of SuperFastDiet have helped clients for years with health and fasting, collecting valuable patient insight to discern which strategy is best to implement regarding ease and efficiency. This has resulted in an intermittent fasting formula that will speedily increase your weight loss.

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 The significant information provided in this educational recipe guide is not based on anecdotal evidence, but clear-cut scientific research provided by Dr Varady, who is a professor at the University of Illinois. 

“The Fastest Diet” is a fun and friendly title with over 50 mouth-watering recipes and information on how to implement this remarkable formula into your everyday life!

Keep reading to find exclusive recipe cards from “The Fastest Diet” to get your first taste of this excellent book. 

We hope you enjoy the utterly delicious recipes provided by “The Fastest Diet” and SuperFastDiet.

To stay up-to-date with Dr Varady and her research you can follow her on social media here:
IG @drkristavarady
You can find co-founders, Gen Davidson and Victoria Black of SuperFastDiet here:
IG: @gen.davidson /

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