The World of Ice and Fire

Drama. Action. Adventure. History. DRAGONS. 9780007580910

If you are a true Westeros aficionado you cannot live without this book! (seriously, what are you waiting for?)

George R R Martin has created a unique and intricate fantasy world for us to crawl inside and explore- and this book is the definitive companion to the Game of Throne series. Voiced by Maester Yandel it gives you insight into the machinations of the families behind the throne and the motivations behind some of the characters currently playing out the Game. It also explains in pain-staking detail the history of every region of the seven kingdoms from The Wall to Casterly Rock- complete with beautiful imagery and mapping. vale map pic

Live through battles. Understand how Targaryens became feared and admired. Find out why everyone was so nervous when Robb Stark declared himself King in the North. Learn how Tywin Lannister came to hold such power. And what is the deal with Dorn?

Everything is explained right here.

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