Spotlight on QBD: Werribee

Our wonderful Werribee team have compiled a list of must-have books!
From cooking to romance, there’s something in this list for everyone.

5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver:

I have always loved to watch Jamie cook, but unfortunately I have never shared his passion or talent for the task. For me it has always been another chore to be completed…this was until I received his 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy food for Christmas.
A whole new world of delicious dinners which can be prepared after work has opened up to me.
From succulent lamb stew for dinner on Monday to garlic mushroom pasta on Tuesday….all made with just 5 ingredients, usually ingredients you have around the house, and on the table in 30 minutes or less.
This one cookbook that I own is a must to all the busy Mums out there, who want to serve their families hearty, delicious meals but have lost their spark in the kitchen. – Jodie

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken:

Not my typical read but ‘The Darkest Minds’ was a good choice. It starts out with a deadly virus wiping out majority of the kids in the United States and anyone exhibiting unnatural abilities is sent away. A good dystopian read although at times I felt the story was slow ins some parts, but if you persist like I did it was definitely worth it and I will definitely be going onto the next books.- Eden

The Nourishing Cook by Leah Itsines:

Leah takes you on a journey and explains some pretty important information about the foods we fuel ourselves with. Leah hasn’t just made a cook book, but has also put the education into this book. Leah also shows you how to make a nutritional meal that is extremely yummy and when she says it takes 20 minutes it takes 20 minutes. I have cooked a variety of meals from this book, and let me just say you won’t be let down, there is flavour everywhere. The BEST part is when I spilt some of the ingredients on the book, it simply wiped off and wasn’t damaged at all. – Monique

Wool by Hugh Howey:

I don’t normally read Science Fiction at all but I can absolutely recommend this trilogy. I loved it from the start. The story follows a dystopian society living in underground ‘Silos’. No one can go outside except when sentenced to death. No one can talk about the outside or they will be sentenced to death. Those people who are sent outside have to ‘clean’ the cameras for those left on the inside.
A fantastic and well written story by Hugh Howey, followed by the books ‘Shift’ and ‘Dust’. – Carla

Beautiful Messy Love by Tess Woods:

Beautiful messy love is a gripping story about love, relationships and cultural differences.It is really interesting to read a book from a different cultural perspective while still being set in Australia. Tess Woods has a magic way with words and I just couldn’t put this book down. – Row

The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan:

It is imperative that you start your journey in Galway with young Garda Cormac Reilly without knowing to much, so I will leave you with a brief word on the novel. Two neglected children, Maude and Jack await Cormac in a crumbling country house in Mayo, Ireland. Their mother lays cold and unmoving in her bed upstairs. Twenty years later Cormac is thrown back into the cold case that haunted his entire career, after a body surfaces in the dark icy waters of the River Corrib.
Two dead bodies, two decades apart, how many secrets?
Cormac has to navigate his way through the lingering ghosts of the past and the politics of the police department to uncover the truth.

The Ruin will command you to stay awake deep into the dark hours of the morning ravenously reading through the discovery of dead bodies, uncovering dangerous secrets, moral dilemmas, and finding corruption in the most unlikely of places. The Ruin is a fast paced, thoroughly plotted police procedural written by Dervla McTiernan. McTiernan’s novel explores how a country’s past can impact the present and its politics. Born in Ireland McTiernan moved to Australia in 2008. The Ruin is McTiernan’s debut novel, which is the beginning of a series that will feature detective sergeant Cormac Reilly. – Renne

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