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9780575104044Reckoners 01: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson:
Brandon Sanderson has outdone himself in his latest venture into sci-fi fantasy and young adult fiction. With the third book in the trilogy (Calamity) released and a movie deal in development, there’s no better time to meet David and the rest of the Reckoners.
Set in a universe where a strange comet enters Earth’s orbit and grants a small number of humans super powers, the world descends into chaos when these ‘Epics’ prove to be exclusively cruel, selfish and despotic. Steelheart explores a fantastical post-apocalyptic world where super villains have taken over, and humans are fighting back. With vividly imagined cityscapes and a cast of memorable (and often utterly goofy) characters, Steelheart will mesmerise you until the very end. – Tomasz

The Book of Paul: The Wit & Wisdom of Paul Keating by Russell Marks:
A fun little ‘bus stop’ book: lot’s of little quotes. Had to cackle at some of Keating’s insults. Describing John Howard as “little desiccated coconut”, for example — classic! – James (Store Manager)

9780552573542The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne:
John Boyne has done it again. He’s written a powerful book set in WW2 to provoke beliefs about ethics, power and control. And perhaps how easily ‘the innocent can be corrupted’. A character is quick to point out that people in such a position as Pieter cannot tell themselves they didn’t know what was going on as that would be the biggest crime of all. Scary to see what a gentle boy can become in the hands of some one like Hitler. – Sam

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King:
A good collection of short stories written by the master tale spinner, Stephen King. Not a single clinker in the batch, but as always, some with more of a bite than the others. – Greg

9780749955229Black Dagger Brotherhood 01: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward:
With enthralling characters and a captivating plot, a world of gothic adventure is brought to life. This is a story that will keep its reader on edge and intrigued, and will leave one desparate to continue reading simply to know what will happen next. – Madeline

The Crossroad by Mark Donaldson, VC:
This is a book of the highest quality. One of the best boots-on-the-ground account of war you’ll find in modern military history, in addition to being a fascinating personal memoir and an in depth account of SAS recruitment and training. It’s also a valuable examination of Australia’s involvement in the Afghanistan War from a soldier’s perspective. – Phil

9781926428727 (1)The Midnight Watch by David Dyer:
If you are interested in the sinking of the Titanic then this is a great book to read. This book is the story of the Californian as reported by a journalist investigating the tragedy of the Titanic. The reader experiences the sinking of the Titanic from the perspective of the crew of the Californian. The book is throughly researched as the author was allowed access to court documents from the official inquiry. – Helen

The Flash: Season Zero by Andrew Kreisberg:
Based on the hit TV-show, The Flash: Season Zero explores some of the early adventures of The Flash and his team at S.T.A.R Labs. As Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Dr. Wells study the scope of the Flash’s power, Barry must balance his regular life with his new role as Central City’s newest hero. Featuring cross over appearances by Arrow’s Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and the Suicide Squad, these stories are a must for any DC comics fan. – Daniel

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