QBD Reviews: The Natural Way of Things

“Clouds collect and steepen, build then collapse,

silver empires rising and falling in the vast blue skies.”

I really enjoyed this Stella award winning novel. I don’t often read award winning novels because I often find the writing to be inaccessible, nonsensical and pretentious. The 2016 winner is very worthy of the prize.

A highly imaginative novel, it is about so many things, but chiefly modern misogyny and corporate control. Through the guise of slut-shaming and imprisonment Wood tells the story of Verla and Yolanda and their journey into sisterhood and self-worth.

At times disturbing, dark and visceral, this can also be a very beautifully written book. Don’t let the flowers on the cover fool you, this is a powerful, empowering novel that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Well edited and flowing nicely, I endeavour to read more of Charlotte Wood‘s writing.

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