Spotlight on QBD Runaway Bay 2016


Our well-read team at QBD Runaway Bay have leaped into our Spotlight this week. Check out what they’re currently reading!


Chaos Walking 01: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness:

9781406357981Todd Hewitt has grown up in a world where there is never a moment of silence. That’s thanks to every single man being able to hear each others thoughts with no way to turn it off. There are no lies, no secrets and especially no women. But when Todd stumbles across a place of absolute silence his perspective on life is changed forever. Deadly secrets are brought to light as Todd and his very chatty dog, Manchee, flee the only life they’ve known. Filled with gripping suspense and non-stop action, Patrick Ness has created a series you will never put down. But when you finish it you’ll want to read it again! – Chelsea (Manager)

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson:

Bill Bryson humorously takes his readers through time to relive the greatest discoveries and revelations in scientific history. The book, spilt into three main parts, covers the holy trinity of science- physics, chemistry and biology. The book is packed with detailed information which is easy to read through Bryson’s hilarious laid back narration; from the current theories behind the creation of the universe to the evolutionary forces which have created humans as they are today. A must read for anyone who is thoroughly interested in how the world works around them. – Merrilyn (Store 2IC)

A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas:

9781408857861When Feyre kills a wolf to feed her family she didn’t realise that she had killed a Fey warrior from the Spring Court. As payment for his death, she is sentenced to leave her family to live in the Spring Court across the wall but something is happening in the Fey Court, something evil. Will Feyre be the one to stop it? Can her feelings for Tamlin stop Amarantha, the High Queen of Prythian, into tricking all the High Lords? This is a beautiful first instalment based on Celtic mythology, rich in detail and keeps you reading late into the night. – Selina

Outlander 01: Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon:

Outlander is the first in an 8 book series. It’s a time travel story wrapped around a romance scenario. If you enjoy science fiction, romance, historical fiction and mystery, you’ll love The Outlander Series. The first book Outlander, tells the story of Claire Randall, an army nurse returning from WW11, to try to pick up the threads of her marriage while on a second honeymoon in Scotland. She walks near an ancient stone monument and faints, awakening in 1743 where she meets her husband’s great ancestor who arrests her, but she is saved by handsome Jamie Fraser of the Clan MacKenzie, the future Lord of Lallybroch. Suddenly she is a Sassenach, an outlander, in a country torn by war and by clan feuds. – Jo

Stormlight Archive Series 01: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson:

Now, for context: I have been reading my fair share of fantasy novels since I was about 8 and although I do not profess to have read them all, I have a pretty solid idea of what a bad/mediocre/good/great/excellent fantasy novel looks like. And this one is at the very top of the spectrum for me. The world of Roshar: Just. Wow. The sheer depth of thought that Sanderson has gone to in order to make every last detail of his world come alive is astounding. I admit that at first, it felt like I was being taken through a tour of a natural sciences museum as he described the world’s fauna with words like ‘spren’ and ‘cremling’ (year 10 biology class all over again *inclusive of confused expressions*). As I got further into the narrative though, Sanderson’s ingenuity in creating this world made me feel the crunch of Roshar’s rocky land beneath my literary feet and the static-y tension of a brooding Highstorm in the air around me as I read. The characters: There is nothing worse than a novel that has poorly executed character development – but I’m not talking about one of those books. Sanderson is hands-down a master in character development (as can be seen in all of his works) and this is no exception. You know it’s good when you still miss the characters (nearly a year after reading it). The story: Except for the word ‘epic’, I can’t think of any superlatives that describe the story with justice (that’s how good it is) – so you’ll just have to read to find out more! N.B. This is set to be a ten-part series and only the first two books (equaling ~2000 pages already) have been released. Please do not let this stop you from starting – it’s well worth it. – Jessica

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes:

Lou is in her mid twenties, still lives at home and likes her job in the local Tea shop. She is also unsure her boyfriend is “the one”! She is about to lose her job and have her routine day-to-day life change in ways she would never expect. Enter Wil, a depressed young man who used to take risks and live life to the fullest. An unfortunate accident has cut short his dreams and left him in a wheelchair, reliant on others to help him through his daily life. Definitely not the way he wants to live! He has promised his family 12 months before he makes a life-changing decision. Lou, as his Carer, sets out to fill his days with fun, excitement and adventures, to make him realise that he can have a life beyond his wheelchair. What neither of them know, is that at the end of these 12 months they will have changed each other forever. Jojo Moyes draws you into this wonderfully told story and keeps you captivated from the first few pages. Definitely a book I had trouble putting down and I was left genuinely moved, both happy and sad. A must read for all Romantics. – Sharon


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