QBD Reviews: Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler

Thou art Famine. Go thee unto the world.

Yesterday, seventeen-year-old Lisabeth Lewis was just Lisabeth Lewis. Calorie-counting, over-exercising, plain old Lisabeth. Her biggest worry was hiding her eating disorder from her boyfriend and her family. Today, Lisabeth is no longer just Lisabeth – she’s Famine. The Famine. You know, black rider, horseman of the apocalypse, hangs out with Death, War, and Pestilence. She’s got a black steed called Midnight, a set of scales, and a higher calling – and absolutely no idea what she’s doing.

Being Famine forces Lisbeth to travel all over the world, witnessing first-hand the devastation wreaked where hunger is just a part of everyday life; she must also come to terms with the terrifying new power she possesses. Can Lisabeth find a way to harness the power of Famine – both for the good of others, and for her own internal battle?

Hunger explores both the physical and emotional ramifications of having an eating disorder; it handles the topic with sensitivity and honesty. The first in a series, Hunger is an enthralling story about battling your inner demons, about stepping up to help others less fortunate than yourself, and most of all about having the courage to ask for help.

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