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Our Spotlight visits our team of diverse readers at Kotara this week!

Not only do they have beautiful smiles, but they also have great reading suggestions

…just for you!

downloadThe Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth:
Ever wondered how Cappuccino’s are related to Italian monks? Or how a game of Pool has much more to do with medieval French chickens?
Etymology is the study of the origin of words, and The Etymologicon takes us on an eccentric and witty journey through the origins of every word and phrase you could think of. The book is linked in rolling segments and explores the humourous history of the English language. It reads like a particularly involved conversation in a pub with an extremely intelligent (if a little strange) linguist.
This is the book you never knew you needed to force every one of your friends to read, and you will find yourself doing exactly that. Great for the coffee table, as a gift, or for the language nerd in all of us. – Terri (Store Manager)

9780007230204Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel:
Wolf Hall is a masterpiece of historical fiction, and one I never get tired of re-reading. It traces the meteoric rise of King Henry VIII’s infamous minister Thomas Cromwell against a backdrop of religious controversy, political intrigue and personal drama. Mantel is brilliant at taking events and characters from five hundred years ago and humanising them in a way that makes you relate to their lives and loves, their pain and joy, all written in her beautiful and unique style. The first in her Cromwell trilogy, it’s already adapted for stage and the small screen, and I promise every single page is worth the read. – Stephanie (Store 2IC)

9781401938529The Essential Wayne W. Dyer Collection by Dr Wayne Dyer:
In this beautiful book you will find three international best selling book titles in one, from the late Wayne Dyer. “The Power of Intention” explores the notion of intention as an energy that creates our reality and thereby making us creators of our own destiny. The second book in this collection is “The Shift” – in this book Dyer teaches us ways to turn our blind ambitions into meaning by finding our life purpose. The final book is “Excuses begone!” – Here we learn how to change any negative behaviours or patterns that may be holding us back in life, allowing us to unlock greater personal success. After the recent passing of this inspirational author and motivational speaker, this book is the perfect keepsake of his profound legacy. It is truly a beautiful and life changing read, every page brings moments of self awareness and enlightenment that will stay with you long after you put the book down. – Jessica

9781908435750Stolen by Lucy Christopher:
“You took me to a prison of sand and stars”
Reading this novel was such a singular reading experience that will make you question your own value and feelings, whilst allowing you to follow and explore aspects of Stockholm Syndrome. It was such a captivating, emotion filled story that had me hooked as soon as I read the first page. It explores themes of obsession, alienation, and survival written in the form of a letter. Gemma is kidnapped in Bangkok airport and taken to Outback Australia. Christopher vividly paints with words the sandy desert of Australia, perfectly allowing Gemma to reflect on her thoughts and time in the desert with her captor Ty. It was a huge emotional roller coaster ride and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a sequel from Ty’s perspective. – Larissa

9781922079770The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion:
This light hearted novel follows the story of quirky scientist, Don Tillman, on his endeavour to finding true love. In order to find love, Don devises ‘The Wife Project’ – a questionnaire that will ultimately lead him to his ‘perfect companion’…or so he thinks. When Rosie and Don cross paths, Don’s methodical world becomes anarchy. Rosie is everything but the ‘perfect companion’. You can’t help but adore Don and his social awkwardness. Simsion has delivered the perfect balance between sensitivity and humour through the heartfelt and witty nature of this novel. I couldn’t put this book down, I had to know what would happen next. – Clarissa

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