QBD Reviews: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

9781471118166Britt’s plans to go hiking with her best friend Korbie were perfect. They were packed, car fuelled up and ready to leave until suddenly Korbie’s brother – incidentally, Britt’s ex-boyfriend – decided he would meet them at their parent’s cabin and join them. Now bitter and unsettled, Britt’s journey up the mountain in her old, beaten up four wheel drive with Korbie at her side doesn’t seem as exciting as it had hours before – and to make matters worse, an unexpected blizzard has left them stranded.

After consulting her map and locating a cabin not too far away, she decides it would be best for them to seek help rather than wait for Calvin to come along later. The shelter they seek in the remote cabin is made a little better by the fact that the cabins occupants are two young, good-looking, hospitable men who are quite willing to help the girls in their predicament. But when Britt finds evidence that could connect the two to a string of recent murders in the area, her night takes a turn for the worst: the two men take her hostage and force her to lead them back down the mountain. Britt knows her only hope is to try and stay alive long enough for Calvin to find her. With secrets abound and nothing as it seems to be, Britt is only further confused by the kindness of one of her captors, Mason. Is he her enemy or is he on her side?

Black Ice is a riveting psychological thriller of the teenager persuasion, with a cloud of hormones looming over the ever-confusing twists and turns this story takes. If you think you know what’s happening by about the middle of the book, Becca Fitzpatrick has well and truly pulled the wool over your eyes because the sinister plot twist to this tale comes out of nowhere and leaves you with the chills.

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