Libriomancer by Jim C. Hynes

Isaac Vainio is not your ordinary librarian: he is gifted with the ability to reach into books and pull objects out of them. As a libriomancer he is part of an elite, secret organisation known as the Porters who use their varying skills for the good of mankind. With every book ever written at their fingertips, the possibilities are endless…

9780091953447…or at least, they were. Having lost control of his magic during a field assignment, Isaac has been assigned to a desk job, cataloguing titles for the Porters magical database, with strict instructions to limit his magic to emergency situations only. With his pet fire-spider Smudge at his side, his days pass in relative dreariness – until one day a trio of vampires turn up in his library hell-bent on creating havoc. Isaac relishes the opportunity for some action, itching to reach into his favourite books, but having been out of the field for a while has made him a little rusty. Saved at the last minute by an old ally, formidable yet oddly attractive dryad Lena Greenwood, who brings the news of a string of murders and kidnapping amongst the Porters ranks, Isaac begins to realise that the attack was only a sign of worse to come. The Porters leader and creator Johannes Gutenberg has disappeared and only the most deadly enemy is capable of abducting the most powerful man Isaac knows.

Libriomancer is an action packed novel with a fantastic plot that utilises such an unusual concept in the most brilliant of ways. Isaac is such a relatable character, a complete sci-fi dork whose first loves are Doctor Who and Firefly, and his witty interactions with his fellow companions provide for many laughs. The most brilliant part about this book – and its sequel, Code Born – is that they can be picked up from any QBD store for just $7.99! If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is!

P.S: If you’re easily influenced by books, you may find yourself craving M&M’s… Blame Lena!


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