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Embark on an adventure with “Let’s Explore Oceans”

Explore, learn, and discover the oceans like never before with “Let’s Explore: Oceans!”


All from the magic of your smartphone, you can swim underwater, explore shipwrecks, take pictures, and play trivia games. You can embark on this incredible adventure by simply using your phone screen in “Phone Mode” OR by wearing a virtual reality headset! The free downloadable “Let’s Explore” app is compatible with nearly all new Apple iPhones (iOS) and Android smartphones.

“Let’s Explore Oceans” allows you to explore and learn about the ocean in SO MANY different ways. For example, you can watch incredible virtual reality movies such as “Shark Dive,” “Valley of the Rays,” and “Arctic Adventure.” You can partake in augmented reality experiences such as “Humpback Anatomy” – an encounter that allows you to hold a whale in your hand as you learn all about specific anatomy – and “Oceanscape” – a game that encourages you to choose your vantage points and take spectacular pictures of the animals. Not to mention, there are also virtual reality mini clips that help you to get up close and personal with some of the world’s greatest creatures, including Arctic Polar Bears, California Sea Lions, Hawaiian Sea Turtles, and Whale Sharks.

For more details, visit the “Let’s Explore Oceans” 
website here:  


This amazing virtual reality adventure can only be found in Australian Geographic and QBD Books stores (including online)! To order, visit the QBD Books web page today.

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