Happy Birthday Stephen King!

Happy Birthday Stephen King!

stephen-king-1To celebrate Stephen King‘s birthday, we have dug up some of our favourite little-known facts about the King of Horror.

Did you know:

Stephen King sells the rights to his short stories to aspiring filmmakers for $1. In return, he asks that you send him a completed copy of the film, so he can watch it and add it to his shelf of ‘Dollar Babies’.

– When it was revealed that the writer Richard Bachman was in fact Stephen King, he retired the alias citing that Bachman had died. The cause of death was given as ‘cancer of the pseudonym’.

Stephen King was once mistaken for a vandal when he paid a surprise visit to an Alice Springs bookshop and started signing copies of his books.

– After being hit by a van in 1999, and suffering severe injuries, King and his lawyer bought the van for $1,500. When he was better, King laid into it with a baseball bat, then sent it to be crushed at a junkyard.

Stephen King plays rhythm guitar for the band ‘The Rock Bottom Remainders’. The band is made up of authors, and includes Amy Tan, Matt Groening, and Mitch Albom.

– When King saw Bambi for the first time as a child, he was terrified. He says it was the first horror movie he ever saw.

So happy birthday, Mr King. Keep being your wonderful, crazy self.
Forever Gratefully,
Constant Reader.

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