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Australian Geographic Product of the Month – February

We are so excited to announce our “Australian Geographic: Product of the Month” for February! Introducing… our Indigenous Art tote bags. Created by artists Jesse Sutton, Brooke Sutton, and Bradley Kickett – these special totes can be taken anywhere with you this summer – from the bookshop to the beach!

For our QBD blog readers, we have some great information about Brooke, Jesse, and Bradley, and their designs:

About Jesse:

Jesse Sutton is a proud young Kalkadoon man & Indigenous artist from Mount Isa, Queensland, who is part of a family of artists who are passionate about their culture and history, and share that through art. Jesse has won various art competitions both locally and nationally. He has sold his artworks to collectors and has worked with government departments to create stunning pieces all whilst still at school.

Healing Country

This piece is inspired by the Kalkadoon people and ancestors have kept the land alive and well for thousands of years by singing and cleansing the land and waterways, by firestick farming and ceremonial corrobborees and only ever taking what was needed to survive.

About Brooke:

Brooke Sutton is a contemporary Aboriginal artist and a proud Kalkadoon woman from the emu foot province around the Mount Isa area in North West Queensland. Brooke has had a passion for painting since she was 8 years old. Brooks has won various local art competitions and been commissioned for several artworks all whilst at school. She has also exhibited her artworks in several locations around Australia.

Kangaroo Dreaming

This piece tells the story of how the kangaroo got her pouch. Long ago the kangaroo’s young had to hop along beside her, there were many dangers and obstacles for the young joeys. One day a fire threatened the kangaroo and her joeys, so she was granted a pouch so they could escape the flames.

About Bradley:

Bradley Kickett is a local Noongar artist who grew up in Perth. He descended from the Kickett clan in York, Western Australia, and began painting in 2007. Bradley’s abstract style of art depicts paintings from an aerial view, which are illustrated in a fluid style that he has developed throughout the years. Interwoven with history, Bradley’s inspiration comes from the stories that are shared and passed down to him by his family and elders.


Warden is the Noongar name for ocean. This piece shows the ocean of the southern west coast of Australia. The artwork depicts the unique blues and greens found in the area along with the sand banks and shallow nature of the waters around Perth.

Oyster Stacks

Oyster Stacks depicts the beach on the Exmouth peninsula, part of the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia’s North West. The combination of stones on the beach, the clarity of the water and reefs just off the shore, combine to create a stunning beach full of interesting shapes and colours.


This painting depicts the wildflowers in the spring time around Perth. The piece shows the hills, pathways and the vegetation of the region, including bright wildflowers such as everlastings and golden wattle, emphasising the spirit of the area.

To order your tote bags, you can visit us online via the button below! 

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