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QBD Books x Pretty Foundation

“I was once asked, what would our world look like if our girls grew up without being ‘weighed down’ by the impact of negative body image? I started to imagine a generation of confident girls growing up to be confident women. I saw women and girls reaching their full potential and prospering for the betterment of not just themselves, but society. At that point, I realised I could no longer allow this to be something I only imagined. Our world needed this to be a reality and so the Pretty Foundation was born.” – Merissa Forsyth, Founder and CEO.

Here at QBD Books, we agree that skills, abilities, and contribution to society are far more important than looks. So, we have partnered with the Pretty Foundation to further this message.

To help bring the “Pretty Foundation” vision to life, we have partnered with their team to create the first issue of their FREE “Pretty Talented” e-magazine! Equipping parents with resources to help nurture a positive body image in their daughters, this title focuses on non-appearance-based qualities, helping to teach young girls that these things are far more important than appearance. If you’re a parent of a daughter under 7 or know someone who is, you can check out the wonderful e-magazine here:

Alongside this, we are also stocking their “Charlie’s Tales” series on our shelves! This incredible series aims to develop Charlie as a peer role model, setting an example for young girls: one who embodies the characteristics of a healthy body image and seeks to live her life to its full potential. It hopes to build resilience in young girls by positive body image messages through each of Charlie’s adventures. The Charlie’s Tales body confidence book series is a great resource to help instil positive body image foundations in children under 7. The books are great for boys too! Have you got your copy?

Finally, for a limited time only, we are also offering “Pretty Foundation” paper bags in-store – they are $1 and all proceeds will go towards the foundation. Shop now!

For more information on the Pretty Foundation, you can visit their website here:

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