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40 Books Every Young Australian Male Should Read Before 30

Embarking on the journey to 30, young Australian men face a world brimming with opportunities and challenges. In this transformative phase of life, young men deal with a lot of increasing struggles with relationships, self-identity, social groups, and their careers. QBD Books are here to help in the best way they can, provide guidance through reading.

Below is a well-curated reading list that can be a powerful tool for personal and professional growth in all avenues of life. This isn’t a generic list of books you’ll find anywhere with the same cliché books for young men. These books have been put to the test and provided QBD Books’ male staff with the guidance they needed when it came to reaching the age of 30.

Let’s start with the top 3 must-reads for young Australian men:

1. “Gloves Off” by Tyson Fury

This compelling autobiography is a masterclass in resilience and determination. Tyson Fury’s story of transformation is a beacon of motivation for any young male feeling like they can’t overcome an obstacle. Speaking on mental health struggles Tyson provides a real account of his life from early struggles to depression to overcoming adversity to become the champion of the world.

2. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki 

This financial guide is essential for understanding wealth creation and management, a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals who want financial freedom. With the cost of living and house prices skyrocketing many young men can feel as though they will never get ahead. This book will shift your mindset when it comes to money giving you the knowledge that you were taught in school. 

3. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson 

Manson’s unconventional wisdom is a perfect fit for the Australian ethos, encouraging young men to focus on what truly matters in life. Drawing from many real-world experiences, Manson gives a blunt message as to why you should stop caring about others’ opinions and start living your life for yourself. 

The thought of turning 30 can be daunting for many young Australian men. But it doesn’t have to be, by reading these books you will be provided with knowledge to be resilient with any obstacle life throws at you, how to make money work for you, and to stop caring so much about what others think about you. Making you into a more confident, happy version of yourself.

Below are our other recommendations for the books every young man should read before turning 30. We wanted to include books our readers will love while also learning something about relationships, history, popular culture, self-improvement, and maybe a cookbook in there as this might be the most important book of all.

Let’s start off with some self-development. Now I know what you’re thinking “I don’t need a self-help book!” well don’t worry we’re not here to give you corny self-help books. We want to make you a better person for every stage of life. Below are books on business, accountability, finance, and some tough life lessons.

Next is our list of biographies that will help any young Aussie male growing up. Being born in the 1990’s you would have heard plenty of these names growing up, from the Terminator to WWE to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Man vs Wild these books will give you a much deeper story of your favorite stars growing up These are as real as it gets while gripping the reader from start to finish. There is no way to say it life is hard but learning from others who may have been dealt a tougher hand and came out the other side with a story to tell you can give you the motivation to get through anything in life. We guarantee you’ll learn a few lessons when reading these.

Must-read True Crime

If you grew up watching “Underbelly” or have partied in Bali or Surfers Paradise you will enjoy learning about the various dark underbellies that have plagued Australia throughout history. We guarantee you will recognise a few places in these infamous true crime books.


Timeless Storytelling 

Now dive into our recommendations of timeless storytelling. Here you’ll recognise the names but not know the whole story. 


History and Mythology 

Below are stories that have shaped the world. To better understand the world you inhabit you should study history and learn how our world came to be. Here is a dark history mixed with mythology which will provide several lightbulb moments throughout your reading journey. 

Cooking and Life Skills 

Here are two books that will help you process through some of life’s big moments. You may think you don’t need these now but sometimes life can throw you a curveball and it is essential to have fundamental life skills that you can rely on when this happens. 

This tested selection of books is not just a reading list; it’s a roadmap for young Australian men to navigate the complexities of modern life into their 30s. From personal development to finances, and from inspiring true stories to timeless literature, these books are selected to resonate with young males wanting more from life.

To browse more bestselling titles that will benefit your livelihood, check out our Top 100 Books List on our QBD website. 

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