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Meet Wylah: warrior, hero and friend. Her adventures have been 40,000 years in the making!

Wylah is brave, clever and strong-willed, and all her best friends are giant megafauna animals.
But she isn’t a warrior. Not yet, anyway. What will it take for Wylah to become a warrior, like her
Grandmother before her?

‘Po, quick! Take our supplies and give it all to them, we have to help everyone!’ I cry out. As Po and Woo gather our stuff and race off, I take my pouch to Uncle Taerong, kneel down beside him and help him guide water to his mouth.

‘What happened here?’ I ask him. ‘Was it dragons?…

‘No, it was Tiddalik. A greedy water frog that came and drank all the water in the river.’

Introducing an unforgettable cast of characters, Wylah: The Koorie Warrior is a heart-stopping and imaginative adventure, inspired by First Nation’s history and grounded in culture.

Written by Jordan Gould, (an Indigenous Australian from the Peek Whurrong tribe) and Richard
Pritchard, (and Indigenous Pacific islander of Samoan heritage), Whylah was written to ‘bring our
people and the past together, to show what life may have been like thousands of years ago in a
fantastical way.”

As Richard explains, “The illustrations have been created with Aboriginal permissions, extensive
research and the utmost respect for historical and modern culture….I hope that we can all genuinely embrace, sit, listen, give and receive forgiveness. So that together we can co-exist, celebrate and honour Australia’s great and ancient culture.”

Simply written for a middle grade audience, but with so much life, colour and imagination, this is a beautifully created story with true heart.

To purchase “Wylah” by Jordan Gould and Richard Pritchard, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store!

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