We Have A Winner!

Sadly our Andy Griffiths competition has closed, but we had such a great time reading the inventive entries everyone sent in we thought we would share a few with you – starting with our winner of course!


Some of our other favourites* were:

Dragons cloning machine, fart cannon and a giant flying armpit – Seth

Colourful butterflies the sprinkle magic dust to transport me to Thailand or any country I want to go to – Nicole

 Ninja panda’s to show me the moves, and never ending snowballs to hit it up with my friends! – Robert

A chocolate spa with giant marshmallows for you to lie and float on and straw snorkels to drink the chocolate through. – Jessica

Lego/construction wing, gold mine down under, zipline, mirror maze room, skate park, fast food shop, video arcade, gravity free room, pirates nook, spa area.- Ezekiel

Helipad with attack chopper (for unwanted sisters), ski slope with chairlift – year round hot chocolate, shark petting aquarium, fairy floss pool, ion cannon with jam launcher and voice activated lolly dispensing robot. – Brandon

A jumping castle that’s made out of edible jelly and to enter this jumping castle a diving board should be placed. Another thing I would add to my treehouse is a ball pit filled with gumball lollies and a zorbing area for land and water. I’ll also add a maze with monsters hiding in the hedges and a giant teddy bear room, filled with giant teddy bears. Last but not least I’ll have pet dragons which will live in the tree house.  – Mandii

We definitely have some imaginative readers!

* Surnames have been removed to protect privacy
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