Spotlight on QBD Tweed Heads

Our QBD Spotlight visited our diverse readers at Tweed Heads this week!

From Biographies to Young Adult fiction, they have a great selection of reading suggestions- just for you.

9781743310298Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic:
Nick was born in Melbourne in 1982 without arms and legs. I love inspirational biographies and this book is one of my favourites. Nick takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as he tells of his triumphs and struggles in life. From heartbreaking suicide contemplation to uplifting humour, Nick is an inspiration to everyone. Suffering depression and loneliness and questioning his faith, Nick constantly searched for purpose in his life. Nick has found his purpose in life and through his faith and support from his family and friends he now travels the world as a motivational speaker and Christian Evangelist. Nick’s books that follow are now high on my must read list. – Helen (Store Manager)

9781447265443Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett:
This novel is set in 12th century England and centres around the building of a Gothic cathedral. Against this backdrop we enter the intertwined lives of Philip, the devout prior of Kingsbridge, Tom, the stone mason, and the beautiful Lady Aliena. For those that enjoy historical fiction, life in England in the Middle Ages is vividly recreated. This is a story of betrayal, revenge and love and although it is over 1000 pages long, I did not want it to end. – Karen L (2IC)

9780733623202Blood Ties by Pamela Freeman:
This was the first fantasy novel I read when I was younger and it’s remained one of my firm favourites ever since. The story revolves around Bramble, Ash and Saker, three descendants of the Travellers, the Eleven Domains indigenous race. Despised for their heritage, each find their destinies nudged along by death; Bramble is branded a criminal after an accidental death is placed on her head, Ash is being trained as a killer for hire and Saker has nefarious plans to avenge his slain ancestors. One of the standout features of this novel for me were the short chapters sprinkled in amongst the main story that explored the lives of even the most minor of characters that the main heroes interact with throughout the story. Added to the sheer humanity that leaps off the pages and draws you in is the rich, sprawling history of the Eleven Domains that serves as a focal point for the story. Classic fantasy novels do not get any better than this! – Karen C

9781863956598Game, Set, Cash by Brad Hutchins:
An extraordinary account of one man’s journey across the globe to discover the unknown world of tennis trading. Mr. Hutchins retells the tales of the late night to early morning shenanigans he embarked on with his buddies, in more countries than one can dream of. He allows his audience to gain a visual aspect of the destinations he finds himself in and gives insight on some of the most recognized sportsmen in history. Whether or not you are a fan of tennis, I assure you that you will enjoy this insightful, often hilarious memoir of this cheeky, mischievous man’s journey. It will leave you wanting to find that dream job that will provide you with the opportunity to jet set across this planet we call home to unravel the many diverse ways of living. – Ashley

9780099273967The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway:
The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel that follows Santiago’s quest for self-preservation and his battle both with himself and the sea. It is an engaging novel that keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next. I both laughed and felt sad as I journeyed with Santiago. The Old Man and the Sea is a pleasure to read and leaves a smile on your face. – Chris


9781476791456Confess by Colleen Hoover:
Confess was a novel that I didn’t get into so much in the beginning; however, it got much better as I read along and ultimately I came to love the story that unfolded. The story line is really gripping, with themes such as injustice and sacrifice for love. The characters, Auburn and Owen are just like us and therefore they’re easy characters to connect to. I was on the edge of my seat until the very last page. This is the first book of Colleen Hoover’s that I’ve read but it will definitely not be the last! – Wonda



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