Spotlight on QBD Toombul 2016


This weekend our Toombul team let us know what they have been reading as they steal the QBD Spotlight!


9780575079793The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie:

Set in age of strife between 3 hostile nations, Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy charts the converging narratives of its three main characters; An infamous barbarian from the northern wastes, whose run out of luck and friends, A debauched and narcissistic captain of the Union army obsessed with nothing but himself, and a resentful and bitter torturer of the Royal Inquisition, once a rising star of the Union, now broken and crippled beyond repair. While the northern invasion presses further and further south, the democratic Union is teetering on the brink of collapse, the bloated weight of its own bureaucracy and petty noble’s power squabbling, threatening its very survival. Abercrombie’s dark gallows humour and gritty compelling characters will have you glued to every page as well as the edge of your seat. – Lindsay (Store Manager)

Neuromancer by William Gibson:

Neuromancer is the story of Hacker, Case who committed the unforgivable crime of stealing money from his employer. As punishment, his nervous system is destroyed and he is no longer able to access the global computer network. He becomes suicidal and ends on top of a powerful drug lords hit list. Unexpectedly he is offered a second chance in return for his hacking skills. One of the first cyberpunk novels written, this book is a great read for anyone who is looking for a rich world where many of the modern sci fi troupes are born. – Vanessa

9780552776639Life After Life by Kate Atkinson:

Ursula has lived many lives. This also means she has died many deaths. Set primarily in England in the interwar years, Life After Life follows Ursula, a woman for whom death only means a new life will begin with her having little more than a vague, instinctive memory of her past selves. As Ursula navigates each new life, she has the desperate desire to save her loved ones from the dangers that have befallen their past selves – only sometimes, she can’t remember what that danger is. As the Second World War propels forward, tiny actions have huge consequences, and throughout her many lives, Ursula finds herself becoming many different women – including an air raid warden and a mother living in Nazi Germany. Life After Life is more than just a supernatural gimmick, though.

Kate Atkinson’s characters are so vibrant and wonderful, and her writing is equally charming and poignant as she shows the sacrifices we make, and the many different people that we can become. I absolutely loved this book, would highly recommend it. Its sequel, A God In Ruins, follows Ursula’s brother Teddy through his role as a fighter pilot in the Second World War.  – Maddie

When Michael met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah:

When Michael met Mina follows the story of two very similar teenagers who come from two very different backgrounds. When Michael and Mina first spot each other at a rally for refugees, both standing on opposite sides and when Mina wins a scholarship to Michael’s private school whole worlds are set to collide. – Kristy

9780007492541The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett:

This book is the first in the Demon Cycle series. The Painted Man follows Arlen Bales, Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn on their journey from childhood to maturity in a world that is overrun by demons, or as they are called in the book, corelings. Disgusted by his father’s cowardice during a Coreling attack, Arlen leaves home to seek training as a messenger, one who braves the unprotected paths to deliver messages between villages. Meanwhile, Leesha is living her own hell where a scandalous rumour destroys her chances of a respectable marriage, so she decides to dedicate her life to herb gathering and caring for the sick. Lastly, Rojer enters the story as a toddler, the only member of his family to survive a Coreling attack. He is adopted by an alcoholic Jongleur, a roaming jester, and aids in his performances by playing the fiddle. Though each of these characters have separate journeys, they will eventually combine their unique skills in order to find a new defence against the Corelings.

This is one of my favourite books to date, and is perfect for fans of fantasy. Brett’s writing allows the reader to experience the world he has created and feel like they are there with the characters. Fans of the series can see Peter V. Brett at Supernova this year in Brisbane and Adelaide as well! – Zoe

Hellboy by Mike Mignola:

I’m currently Obsessed with everything Mike Mignola has produced, especially Hellboy. He’s such a great character in a world that’s a unique blend of detective novel, Lovecraftian horror and classic supernatural mythology. This mixed with the sarcastic humour of the characters and Mignola’s gothic style and amazing talent as an artist makes for an unforgettable comic experience. Start your Mignola adventure today! – Matt

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