Spotlight on QBD Erina 2016

Our well-read Erina team have selected a few great fiction

and fantasy reads that are out of this world!


Skyfire by Michael Adams:

This book is perfect for hooking those reluctant readers (both male & female) for ages 10+.
7 characters from each of the 7 continents aged 14-16 are each winners of the mysterious DARE Awards – Dream! Act! Realise Everything!
Amongst the many amazing prizes they win is a special InfiniFone which enables them to freely keep in contact with each other for life. However when each character receives 1 of 7 symbols on their phone they must race against the clock to use their intelligence to outwit a mastermind of terrifying power to solve the 7 signs. Who is this evil mastermind? Is it related to the DARE Awards? As the book says; if you could be a hero, would you DARE?
7 books are to be published within 13 months making this a quick, short, sharp series to get into!
It might only be 187 pages but I read it in 1 sitting and truth be told I read it way too fast so I could get to the end. Right! – now I need ‘Carnage‘ (book #2)! – Allison

9781780622286Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo:

Forget the feeling of turning the pages as you find yourself bound on a journey with criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker and his crew of occasionally magic, decidedly criminal, misfits on an impossible heist. A fast paced, fantasy thriller with brilliantly developed characters and a plot that leaves you hanging to the very last word, author Leigh Bardugo’s introduction to the twisted, deadly world of the dock city of Ketterdam will not only have you questioning who truly commits good and evil but whether you can bear the sensation of journeying through the consequences. Utterly gripping and markedly different to other entries of Young Adult Fantasy, as an adult I can honestly say I could still feel it’s youthful, hypnotic thrill. – Esther

9781782953463The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is hands down one of the most interesting reads around. I was forced to read the book for school, but couldn’t put it down once I started. Set in the perspective of a boy with Asperger’s, you experience a unique world as 15 year old Christopher Boone sets out as a detective on a case that unravels his whole world. The book is slightly heartbreaking and slow to start, but if you persevere past the beginning it is 100% captivating. – Madison

9780241953570I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore:

I am Number Four was the reason I started to enjoy reading. I started out reading this novel for a school project in Year 7 and I honestly don’t think I put it down. I was immediately drawn to the protagonist, John Smith who is far from your typical teenager. In this novel you follow the life of John Smith, who continuously has to move from town to town, change his name and hide his real identity.

I am Number Four is the first in the series of 7 novels, and as the first novel grabbed my attention with it’s tense and intriguing plot, I was forced to read the whole series. The captivating series is full of excitement and suspense. It is a must read for any action lovers out there. – Caitlin

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