Rogue Forces – Mark Willacy

From Gold Walkley winning journalist Mark Willacy, Rogue Forces tells the unpredictable story of when Australia’s most revered SAS soldiers crossed the line in Afghanistan, descending from elite warriors to unlawful killers.

After the release of Willacy’s Four Corners program “Killing Field” in 2020, shockwaves were caused around the world. In this devastating expose, viewers were subjected to alleged war crimes, suspected cover-ups, and deep cultural issues within Australia’s special forces. This six-month investigation found sources within the ranks of the Special Air Service (SAS), producing reports too powerful to ignore.     

However, this was just the beginning of a much bigger story. Since then, additional SAS soldiers have come forward with undeniable evidence and eyewitness testimonies of a military culture consisting of brutality and impunity. In Rogue Forces, Willacy once again penetrates the SAS code of silence to explain how a particular class of patrol leaders came to dominate the culture of the SAS and lead some of them to unleash violence against civilians and unarmed prisoners.

One of our incredible team members recently read a copy of “Rogue Forces.” This is what he had to say:

Revealing one of the darkest chapters in Australian military history, Mark Willacy has taken his readers out on the patrols. For the first time, many soldiers have shared what they witnessed on the front line, embedding readers in the thick of the action. At its heart, Rogue Forces is a story about the true heroes who had the courage to come forward and expose the truth. This story is brilliantly written, confronting, informative, and the perfect title for those wanting to broaden their perspectives.

To purchase “Rogue Forces” by Mark Willacy, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store! 

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  • Soldier On is a national support services provider for defence personnel, contemporary veterans, and their families. Contact during office hours 1300 620 380 or email
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