Reviewsday: Mistborn – Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

finalempireThe concept of Brandon Sanderson’s first book in the Mistborn ‘trilogy’ is compelling to anyone that has read a lot of fantasy; what happens if the Dark Lord won? This turns the usual fantasy narrative on its head and Sanderson does not disappoint when it comes to delivery.

The series is set in a world reminiscent of Europe on the cusp of the industrial revolution. Nobles throw balls and duel with canes, while the working class toils all day and is lucky to receive two meals a day. One thousand years before our story begins, the Lord Ruler gained power over the world. His iron rule had snuffed out all religions beside his own cult of personality, and he stays in power using horrifyingly mutilated agents imbued with impossibly acute senses. The strength of this oppression means that rebellion against the Lord Ruler has become all but unthinkable; that is, for everyone except for a small group of master thieves. Their plan to depose the Lord Ruler and the Aristocracy hinges on the recruitment of a person who can consume small amounts of metals in order to gain extraordinary power, known as a Mistborn.

In writing this series, Sanderson leaves no stone unturned. He has created an awe-inspiringly cohesive world while eschewing any discontinuities. The universe he creates built upon book after book, and the conclusion of the third book in the original trilogy will likely leave readers very satisfied as tidbits that appeared in the first book are delightfully present throughout the entire series. While the first three books, ‘Final Empire’, ‘Well of Ascension’, and ‘The Hero of Ages’, are enjoyable reads in their own right, Sanderson has endeavoured to develop the world further. His next book, ‘Alloy of Law’ is set in the same universe 300 years into the future. For any readers who enjoy his writing, Sanderson promises to continue to deliver quality stories.

Sanderson’s writing style would be an excellent first step into the fantasy genre for anyone who has enjoyed books like ‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J Maas.

~ Adam

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