Reviewsday: Emergence by John Birmingham

When Dave Hooper boarded the chopper out to the Longreach rig, he was feeling pretty sorry for himself. Hungover, he was feeling the pressure from his bosses and the squeeze from his soon-to-be ex-wife. Still, he was good at his job, and his men had just finished drilling the deepest hole in history. Celebrations were in order (and boy, did he celebrate).

9781742614045On their approach Dave was shocked to see flames from the rig. Concerned for his people, he made the fastest landing possible. But that was not the worst of it. Far from it. A humongous orc-like monster was snacking on one of his best friends. That’s right. Monster.

In that moment, Dave’s rage at every lousy deal that life had handed him took over. Grabbing his dead friend’s splitting maul and letting out what might resemble a war cry he attacked. He wanted to hurt it. Badly.

For once luck was on Dave’s side. The vile creature was dead.

What he didn’t anticipate was what would happen next. No longer was he the pudgy, bald, beaten down safety inspector- he was Super Dave- hero of the Longreach. And things were only about to get weirder…


Emergence‘ reads like an action movie. Personally, every time I imagine Dave Hooper I see Bruce Willis from Die Hard in my head. (Go ahead. Try it. It totally fits).

A little bit fantasy, a little bit action-adventure, this novel is one monster of a good read.

(And better yet- the sequel ‘Resistance‘ was just released! That means no pesky waiting!)
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