Reviewsday: Afghanistan: Australia’s War

With the recent passing of Vietnam Veteran’s Day and 2015 being the centenary year for Australia’s World War One ANZAC campaign, military books have flooded the market recently, but very few cover Australia’s involvement in its most recent conflict, the war on terrorism, specifically the war in Afghanistan. But this book doesn’t just cover recent involvement, it covers and represents Australian soldiers from every conflict we were involved in since the Gulf War.

This is a moving photographic story put together by veteran military writer Ian McPhedran and Australian Army veteran and News Corp photographer Gary Ramage and it covers Afghanistan in wartime from every angle. Chronicling the lives of its people, once prosperous, now downtrodden and crushed under Al Qaeda oppression, the photography is at once candid and honest. The words within follow the lives of our soldiers, their thoughts, their emotions and the struggles they face both with working in the most dangerous place in the world; doing arguably the most dangerous job in the world, and also with how they cope being away from their families for months and sometimes years at a time.

If your dad means the world to you and you want to get him a thoughtful present this Father’s Day, Afghanistan: Australia’s War is a perfect option for military and regular dads alike. The beauty and emotion of this book will capture even the hardest of hearts.

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