Reviewsday: Above Suspicion


How did I end up hooked on Lynda La Plante?

 I’m not a thriller reader. My favourite reads are from the fantasy section, I recently became addicted to young adult in line with the John Green wave… I’ve been known to enjoy the odd paranormal romance… but I’ve never been a thriller reader. Until now.

 What happened? Honestly, I think I can thank Matthew McConaughey.

I watched True Detective and just wanted to solve more morbid crime thrillers. I had no idea where to start. Somehow I stumbled upon the first episode of Lynda La Plante’s Above Suspicion. I saw the first episode and watched young DC Anna Travis stumble onto her first murder investigation working with DCI James Langton. I was gripped as the case unfolded, then, abruptly, the first episode was over. Half way through the book! The next day, I just bought the book and devoured it.

The murders were gruesome and horrific, the killer prolific and complicated. Lynda La Plante really pulls you into the investigation and by the time the team finally makes the arrest your heart is truly pounding.

I then couldn’t help myself and have now read five of the Anna Travis books in quick succession. That kind of speaks for itself…

-Kate in our Head office

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