#ReadWithMe: Zoella Book Club


zoella-logoWe are incredibly excited that  Youtube sensation

Zoella has her very own book club!

Introducing the titles on her vlog, Sugg said:

“I know that a lot of you guys also share my love of reading, which is why the book club is possibly one of the most exciting things I’ve done this year because I can read books and recommend them to you. I’ve stuck to Young Adult titles mainly because I want to influence and inspire lots of young adults such as yourselves… or maybe you’re just like me, you’re 26 and you just frickin love a YA. I want to inspire more young people to want to read. These days everyone is on their phone on their tablet on and their laptop, myself included, so that’s why I really enjoy reading.”

Read along with us!

We’re going to read ALL of Zoella‘s handpicked “eight perfect choices” over the next 8 weeks, because 1. The books are awesome, and 2. It’ll be so fun!

Our first book will be Amy Alward‘s The Potion Diaries starting Friday July 15 – so nip out and grab yourself a copy quick!  (and yes, most of our stores have this book in stock) 



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