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QBD X CH 7 Book Club – March Highlights

Autumn is in the air! The weather is finally starting to cool down and it’s time to cozy up with a great book and a warm drink. 

Every month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts, Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine review and discuss fantastic books of all different genres – from empowering and heart-wrenching non-fiction reads to fiendishly fun fiction titles. This month we are showcasing our Fiction Book of the Month which is “What Happened To Nina” by Dervla McTiernan. PLUS the fiery new novel from Kathy Lette, “The Revenge Club, the incredibly powerful historical fiction “Maya’s Dance, by Helen Signy, a heartwarming drama from Cathy Kelly “Sisterhood” and another insightful health guide from Sarah Di Lorenzo, “The Gut Repair Plan.”

Keep reading to discover more about our March picks and to order your own copies to compare literary opinions, visit us in-store or online.

Here are the sweeping novels we are highlighting this month.

“What Happened To Nina” by Dervla McTiernan – Fiction Book of the Month 

This new crime fiction novel explores the power of money and the media and how this can assuage the public’s opinion on high-profile crime cases. Nina and Simon appear to be the exemplary couple. Young, full of life, and passionately in love. However, when the couple holiday to Simon’s family’s cabin for the weekend, only Simon returns home. Nobody knows what happened that fateful weekend. Simon’s story about what happened, and their last hours together don’t add up.

Simon’s parents rush to hire extravagant lawyers and a PR team to get in front of the impending media frenzy. Nina’s parents push the police for answers. Soon the public is divided, and the facts of the case are lost in accusations and false narratives.

However, Nina’s family are determined to uncover the truth and when they realise playing by the book won’t help them – it’s time to break the rules. How far will her family go to discover the truth?

“The Revenge Club” by Kathy Lette

The title follows four successful women who, one-by-one fall from grace in their careers. Bestselling writer, Matilda is suddenly abandoned by her publisher, Penny’s male co-host is chosen to lead the prime-time television segment that was once hers, Sofia’s acting offers have turned to only unsavory menopause adverts, and Jo discovered a while ago that this is a man’s world. The four women realise that they have been simultaneously disregarded by society as they’re all past their ‘amuse-by’ dates.

As women do so eloquently, the friends band together and vow to face their crises as a group. Each has been scorned by men and it’s time to get revenge.

“Maya’s Dance” by Helen Signy 

Seventeen-year-old Maya Schulze is fighting for survival in an awful Nazi labour camp in Sawin, Poland. Despite the daily hardships Maya must face of despair, hunger, and fear, she finds the bravery to carry on in the art of dance. A camp guard, Jan, watches Maya’s dancing and begins to fall in love with her. Their stolen moments together give Maya’s heart the strength to endure the horrors of the camp. Jan plans her escape with the promise to reunite again when the war is over.

However, a cruel twist of fate shatters the lovers’ plan. Fifty years later, Maya receives earth-shattering news and tells her incredible story to a journalist. The two women work to piece together the clues of what happened to Jan – before it’s too late.

“The Gut Repair Plan” by Sarah Di Lorenzo

This book is brimming with valuable information about the digestive system, prebiotic foods, good and bad gut bacteria, and food that harms the gut ecosystem. Sarah explores the science behind gut health and presents you with tangible skills to revolutionise the way you eat and transform your well-being.

Pair that with simple meal plans, over 50 mouth-watering recipes, and down-to-earth advice, “The Gut Repair Plan” is your ultimate guide to better health and habits.

“Sisterhood” by Cathy Kelly

This story follows two sisters and a life-changing secret that leaves them at an impasse. On the night of Lou’s 50th birthday celebration, a secret her mother had kept hidden all her life was revealed, and now her livelihood is crumbling around her. Lou’s sister Toni is also at a crossroads with her own crisis, the two women team up to embark on a fateful journey. This adventure will take them through Ireland’s most untamed coastline and to Sicily’s rugged and sunbaked shores.

It will also submerge Lou deep into her most significant relationships, with her mother, her daughter, and her sister. Lou will have to confront the identity she has constructed that is now breaking and sculpt who she really wants to be.

“Sisterhood” is a must-read for your March book list. With gorgeous characters, an epic journey, and heart-warming discoveries, Cathy’s title will leave you with a deep appreciation for the relationships in your life.

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