QBD Reviews: Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

inkThe Great Library of Alexandria no longer exists, destroyed in a series of attacks in early BC. But what if it was never destroyed? What if the library thrived? In Jess Brightwell’s world, the Library is its own country, with a military to protect its Scholars and the precious books that it holds. Real ink and paper books are locked up and citizens of the world can access them via miraculous Library technology – but there are those out there who covet the real thing, and that’s where the Brightwells come in handy. Smugglers of books, they supply the illegal goods to the highest bidder.

Jess has always known he wasn’t really suited to the family business. He’d rather be curled up in a corner reading the goods rather than delivering them. After a shock encounter at age 10, he became more passionate than ever about their preservation – so much so that his father decided there was only one place for him to be really useful. With a precious Library placement in hand, Jess sets off for Alexandria to test his skills against others from around the world for a chance to be offered an elusive Library contract. But the Library is more dangerous than he could have ever have imagined, the other teenagers are much skilled and brighter and their tutor is ruthless and unfair. Jess must rely on the wits and skills he has gained throughout his childhood if he’s to make it and he must hide his past, his contacts and the fact that his father only sent him to the Library to make a double agent out of him.

Ink and Bone is a fascinating journey into the world of what if’s and the Great Library of Alexandria takes on godlike proportions in this epic adventure. Jess is a charming, intelligent character and his fellow students are all engaging in their own unique ways. With an abundance of thrills, conspiracies lurking around every corner and hidden dangers, the only way you’ll be able to put this book down is if you finish it in one go.

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