QBD Reviews: Deadman Wonderland

deadman wonderlandA massive anomaly ravaged Japan and sunk three-quarters of Tokyo into the sea. Deadman Wonderland starts its story ten years later, with the introduction of the main character. It starts in a high school, like any other day. It quickly goes south as the main character’s class is massacred and he is arrested and falsely found guilty of the crime. On and on the story goes, a dark, twisted wonderland story with gladiator fights between those who can manipulate their own blood, a resistance to escape the death prison and a horrifying twist. A dark psychological thriller with elements of supernatural, Deadman Wonderland is a prime example of what makes Japanese comics, Manga, such ‘wonderful’ entertainment.

Deadman Wonderland is a horrifying tale. A dark descent down into a mad and twisted wonderland. And it executes things brilliantly. The artwork done here by Kazuma Kondou is superb, backing up the dark story with equally realistic illustrations. The use of blood, as well as the at times over-the-top gore, help keep the story equal parts intriguing and horrifying. And all this coupled with the well thought out psychological aspects of the story, Deadman Wonderland is certainly a manga series I highly recommend, both for those who are just starting to enter the world of Japanese comics, and for those who have read a number.

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