Character Profile: Will from Will & Whit

8537663788_2860396f1d_z (1)Full Name: Wilhelmina Huckstep

Nickname: Will or Willy Nilly

Age: 17

Hometown: Virginia, USA

Siblings: Only Child

Parents: Penelope Foxx Huckstep (Mother) & David Durrence Huckstep (Father)

Other Relatives: Elsie “Ella” Foxx (Aunt/Guardian)

Friends: Autumn, Noel & Reese

Pets: Emmett (Dog)

Jacket (4)General Overview: Will Huckstep lives with her Aunt Ella in Virginia, USA after her parents passed away the previous year. She plans to spend the Summer holidays with her best friends to get her mind away from her own problems but find out that she may need to face them after a Hurricane Whitney hits the town and makes the power go out.


  • Making Lamps: After her Late grandfather taught her how to make lamps as a child, Will loves to make different kind of lamps out of random things she can find.
  • Antiques/Old things: She loves being surrounded by old and interesting things. She has a knack for taking something broken and old and fixing it to reveal its story.
  • Mattress Rafting: All you do is take an air mattress, blow it up and raft down the river. The perfect activity for the summer
  • Creating Sculptures: Will is able to make shadow sculptures which is where she places items together and with the use of light, it creates an image with the shadow.

Will and Whit Illustration

  • Will has a deep fear of the dark
  • She doesn’t like her own shadow


  • She is very creative.
  • She loves to help people especially her friends and her Aunt.
  • She loves her family and friends very much.
  • She is able to fix situations as well as objects.


  • She has a hard time expressing how she really feels.
  • She likes to pretend that she is always positive.
  • She does not take it well when people insult the things she likes.
  • She always feels like a burden to her Aunt and wants to make up for it.



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