QBD Cairns’ Warming Winter Reads


These hot titles, hand selected by QBD Cairns, are perfect to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night!


IT by Stephen King:

Beware Balloons! While your at “IT” run from Clowns, truly if you see one. Run, run away.”
This is what I remember from Stephen Kings brilliant horror book IT many years ago.
Now reading IT once more in preparation for the upcoming movie release all the terror and chills have come swarming back.

This is a classic story about the growing pains of a close group of nerdy misfits. So IT should be a very moving tale, full of quirky misadventures etc. But then this is Stephen King’s take on life in the small town of Derry. You will never look at clowns and balloons the same way ever, ever again. Read this one late at night with only a candle for light or better yet try reading IT at the Circus.

Clowns how I love them! – Steve

Weber’s Barbecue Bible

This book’s title totally encapsulates the essence of this cookbook. It truly is biblical in barbecue scope. If there is only 1 book I would recommend for novices or experts alike on the techniques on barbecuing, this would be it. Hands down. Not only does the author cover the expected topics, such as hamburgers, kebabs and the like, he includes more advanced (but very well described with accompanying pictures) meals. This really is a 1 stop shop for all things related to the barbecue from beginner to advanced. My highest recommendation. – Glen

Spice and Wolf Manga Vol.2 by Isuna Hasekura & Keito Koume & Paul Starr & Terri Delgado:

Spice and Wolf’s graphic novel is actually the 3rd in a long line of adaptations for Isuna Hasekura’s Spice and Wolf novella series. Each adaptation has been transformed on a new medium, from book to animated series to graphic novel. As this is the third time it’s been adapted it does feel like elements of the story have been rushed due the fact that it almost recognizes that the audience has most likely seen or read the story and is buying this just for the novelty factor of it being in comic format. However that’s not to say that it’s not great, it still offers the same amazing story about two travelers delving into the life of a medieval era merchant gambling with economics. The fact that it’s in manga format means that the twists of the story pop with a page turn in a way that a book or a TV series can’t.

The manga series also has the advantage of being able to spend much more time on it’s artwork compared to an animated series due to the fact that animated series have to
simplify the designs in order for it to be drawn efficiently for each frame. Volume Two also feels like it has come into it’s own far better than the first and the story is less rushed.
Therefore I award Spice and Wolf Vol. 2 with a score of 3.5 stars. – Lachlan

Taco Loco! by Jonas Cramby:

You had me at Taco. Taco Loco! Is exactly as the title states, a book thats crazy about Taco’s and all things Mexican. The vibrant pictures that Jonas Cramby has incorporated makes you feel like you’re walking through the streets of Mexico, sampling the delicious food that is on display. Learn how to prepare margaritas, micheladas, churros and salsas… but watch out, they’ve got bite! – Nadine

Deliciously Ella Every Day by Ella Woodward:

Deliciously Ella Every Day is an excellent companion to Ella Woodward’s first book Deliciously Ella, with more simple and delectable recipes to enjoy. This book is a wonderful resource in the kitchen for all food lovers, but is particularly helpful to those on a gluten-free or plant-based (dairy, egg & meat free) diet. Her recipes are rich and wholesome, and what I particularly enjoy about them is that they are created using simple, everyday ingredients, and are quick to prepare and cook. If you are looking for something healthy, wholesome, and delicious, you can’t go past Deliciously Ella Every Day. Bon Appetit! – Kirstie

The Help by Kathryn Stockett:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett focuses on the injustices faced by African American’s in the 60’s. Set in Mississippi during times of immense change and embedded racial hatred, this novel throws the reader into a different world with first hand accounts of the fear and hate experienced during this time.
The novel follows the journey of an aspiring white woman who wants a career in journalism and two African-American maids who are ready for change! Thus a collaborative project form, and with the assistance of the ‘coloured’ help, they manage to publish a book that creates upheaval and lights the spark for change.
From the beginning to the end you are intrigued by the characters and their stories. You experience the acceptance and change that occurs as a result of people who stand up for what they believe in. A terrific book that ties in history and a great message- Stand up for what you believe in! – Selena

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins:

Impressive from the very first page, Paula Hawkins knows how to write a good mystery and her second novel Into The Water is nothing short of extraordinary. Mixing modern day drama with historical suspense, follow the residents of Beckford as they try to piece together their shattered community after two deaths in the local “Drowning Pool”. While Katie was young and innocent, Nel was mature and provocative. So how did both of these women, with seemingly little in common, lose their lives in the Drowning Pool, and why? Why are their names now added to those of the Beckford Sister’s, a name given to all the troublesome women who have met similar ends in this small community? – Erin (Store Manager)

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