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QBD Book Club – June Highlights

In our “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club,” our fantastic hosts Victoria and Lee talk about a range of wonderful books. This June, they discussed books such as “Dirt Town” by Hayley Scrivenor and “The German Wife” by Kelly Rimmer. To order our June picks and compare your opinion to theirs, head to the QBD Books website now!  

Our June Book Club picks include: 

“Dirt Town” by Hayley Scrivenor

When best friends Ronnie and Esther leave school together on a sweltering Friday afternoon, Esther never makes it home. Her disappearance looms large in everyone’s mind, but Detective Sergeant Sarah Michaels knows that someone is hiding something. Told over the span of a week, what secrets are being harboured?


“The German Wife” by Kelly Rimmer

Ilse Meyer’s post-WWI fortune changes for the better when her husband, Jurgen, is recruited for Hitler’s new rocket project. What they don’t know is that his technology is intended to be weaponised. When their affiliation with the Nazi party spreads, gossip turns to rage. Before the truth is finally revealed, an act of violence will tear their community and family apart.

“The Fine Print” by Lauren Asher

Everything could change for Rowan if he renovated Dreamland. When Zahra, an employee, submits a drunk proposal criticising Dreamland’s most expensive ride, she knows she should be fired. But, despite this, Rowan promotes her. The catch? She has to work alongside him – the most difficult boss she’s ever met.

“The Opera House” by Peter Fitzsimons 

Although the Sydney Opera House celebrates the talents of many, this iconic landmark also holds a multitude of secrets and scandals. In this gripping non-fiction title, Peter explains how this magnificent building came to be, its captivating history, and the dramatic stories of those who have been affected, both negatively and positively, by its presence.

“Someone Else’s Child” by Kylie Orr 

When Anna discovers that her daughter has a terminal illness, her best friend Ren joins her on a desperate hunt for a cure – their only hope lying in an expensive European drug trial. Soon, speculation from townspeople starts to rise. They are asking questions about Anna’s past – questions Ren can’t answer. Are there any lines that won’t be crossed?

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