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New In June – YA & Contemporary Romance

Looking for your next read in June? 

Are you a fan of Young Adult Fiction and Contemporary Romance? 

Look no further than these fabulous new fiction titles! See the great reviews below from the fabulous Melanie  (QBD Books Eastland)!

Dial A For Aunties

Crazy Rich Asians meets Weekend at Bernie’s in Jesse Q. Sutanto’s fabulous new story, which has already been picked up for an eagerly-awaited Netflix adaptation. What do you do when you accidentally kill the blind date your Aunties forced you to go out with? Why, call them in to help you hide the body, of course! Or at least, that’s what Meddy Chan does in the hilarious rom-com-meets-murder-mystery, Dial A For Aunties. Nevermind that the Chans are about to embark on the biggest wedding event their family business has ever handled, or that each of the Aunts has their own idea about the best way to dispose of the body. How hard can it be, right? Meddy has more than enough on her plate, with a corpse and a mounting career as a wedding photographer. When an old flame from her past returns at the worst possible time, can Meddy mend the hurts of the past and find a way to reconnect? And can she pull it off without going to prison for murder? Dial A For Aunties is a quirky, heartfelt read about the importance (and inconvenience!) of family. Fans of Beth O’Leary and Kevin Kwan will love this hilarious romp of a read.

Second First Impressions

Ruthie Midona works at Providence Luxury Retirement Villa, spending her days acquiescing to the (often strange) requests and demands from her senior patrons, while also doing her best to preserve the endangered tortoise population that lives in the gardens. Somewhere along the way, however, Ruthie forgot that she was young. In comes Teddy Prescott, the tattooed, screw-up son to the owner of Providence. After bouncing from place to place, and refusing to grow up and Be Serious, Teddy has no choice but to take a job at Providence to prove to his father once and for all that he can make his own decisions. Living side-by-side in the on-site cottages, Ruthie and Teddy are forced into each other’s lives. Of course, the pair couldn’t be any more different. Ruthie is practical, grounded, responsible. And Teddy is… well, Teddy. When two of the villa’s most eccentric residents demand a new personal assistant, Ruthie thinks it’s a surefire way to get Teddy out of her life for good. After all, none of the others have been able to stomach working for the aging menaces for more than a week. But Teddy surprises her, in more ways than one, and it seems that opposites may actually attract. Tasked with increasingly outrageous demands, Teddy manages to charm not only his bizarre employers, but the whole Villa. And Ruthie might not be entirely immune to that charm. Filled with tingling romance, a good serving of sweetness, and Sally Thorne’s trademark humour, Second First Impressions is a swoon-worthy romance that rivals even The Hating Game. A retirement village has never been so fun. Five stars!

Love, In Theory

If we can use mathematics to solve so many of life’s problems, why can’t we use it to solve our love lives, too? At least, that’s the theory. At 24 years old, lawyer Romy is convinced that she’s hopeless in love. Her past boyfriends have all been the same––and all of those relationships have ended the same way. Romy needs someone stable, reliable, someone who she could see spending the rest of her life with. So when she discovers that there is a mathematically proven ‘optimal stopping point’ for dating and settling down, Romy knows her next boyfriend has to count. The next romance she enters could be her best chance at a happily ever after. With every mistake, her chances at a perfect love story will get slimmer and slimmer. But love is never easy, and Romy’s luck with dating apps is running dry. That is, until she meets Hans, who meets all of her criteria. He has to be the one, right? Nevermind the other man who’s beginning to take up too much space in her head. He’s too unpredictable, and too much like her ex-boyfriends for it to work. Right? Set in Sydney, Love, in Theory is a sweet, heartfelt story that reminds us that nothing is ever a perfect science when it comes to love. Fans of Beth O’Leary and Mhairi McFarlane will squeal with joy over this delightful new Australian rom-com!
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