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“Love & Pain” by Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou

Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou are Australian musicians who were a part of the Silverchair band from 1992 until 2011. 

Their debut non-fiction book “Love & Pain” is out now and follows the iconic Australian rock band, Silverchair, from its inception and then rapid rise to fame and the rollercoaster of events that occurred inside and outside of the band. 

It all began in Ben Gillies’ garage – where three high school kids from Newcastle, New South Wales, created magic with their smash-hit single ‘Tomorrow’, setting them on a path to the domination of the Australian charts, worldwide touring, and fame.

There was also all the love and pain that came from being in the band: the cost of fame and intense pressure on two teenagers who had no way of preparing for it, and the complex dynamics of navigating friendships with each other and their relationships with friends and family members, the mistakes they made and the successes they cherished.

Exclusively for our QBD blog readers, we have an extract from “Love & Pain”, lets dive in. 

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